7th Annual Career Fair Helps Students Connect to Real World

By Aubrey hastings
Student Life Editor

The annual Washington College Career Fair has enjoyed another successful year, for both students and employers alike. The fair is a conglomeration of employers who have gathered at WC for a day of scouting and informing. Hosted by the Career Center and SIFE, the fair exhibits businesses, organizations, graduate schools, as well as military employment opportunities presented to the WC community.

Career Center employee Vicky Sawyer reveals that the age-old truth that it is not what you know, but who you know.

“We encourage all students to come and be a part of all this opportunity has to offer you. Connecting with employers and building those relationships are so fundamentally important for grabbing every opportunity that may sprout in the years to come,” Sawyer said.

She also noted that the fair gives real, concrete experience on interacting with professionals so that making those important connections comes easier.

“Career Fair has the goal of teaching students how to communicate with employers professionally, as with anything, this takes practice to gain confidence. Ultimately, the Career Fair helps students discover what real world employers are looking for out there, and how they can best prepare to enter the workforce. There are just so many teaching moments here,” said Sawyer.

This annual event is in its seventh year, and started with humble beginnings. The Career Fair first premiered in the CAC Forum, featuring a maximum of about ten tables.

Vicky Sawyer remembered those days well. “The interest ultimately had to be built up for students to come to the event. We can bring the employers to campus, but they are interested in talking to the students, so we had to get them to come and investigate the options offered to them,” she said.

As student interest grew and more employers and schools were recruited, the career fair quickly outgrew the forum and has been held in the Cain gym for the past several years.

Several venders such as BB&T Bank representatives, UMBC Grad School, and Kent County Social Services mentioned how very impressed they are with the students at WC.

“They ask such pertinent questions to their futures, know what they want to do, and run with it,” said the representative of BB&T.

“I am very impressed with how prepared they are when they come,” said Kent County Social Service representatives.

Students at WC seem to be fairing well with future employees and graduate schools at this event. It is important to remember that this event is open to all years of students, from freshmen to graduating seniors, and is a yearly opportunity that students find immensely helpful.

For more information on future employment opportunities and internships, contact the Career Center on campus at 410-778-7890.

March 25, 2011
Volume LXXXI Issue 19

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