Historic Dorm Revamped

By Grace Arenas
News Writer

This summer, Minta Martin Hall will be getting some much-needed care.

According to Director of Buildings and Grounds Reid Raudenbush, the dorm’s renovations are a long time coming.

“Minta is currently the only residence hall without a fire sprinkler system,” he said. “One by one, over the years as schedules have permitted, the college has installed these systems in our older residence halls… this year it’s Minta’s turn.” He added that the buildings constructed within the last 15 years were built with sprinkler systems.

A new fire alarm system will be installed along with the sprinklers.

“[The sprinklers] have to be able to trigger the alarm when activated,” said Raudenbush.

The complete new fire safety system accounts for the bulk of the half million dollar expenditure, Raudenbush said. The rest of the money will go toward some cosmetic improvements to the dorm.

Minta will be getting a facelift with new paint, floor coverings, ceilings, improved lighting in the hallways and stairwells, and replacements for the leaky shower bases installed in the 1980s.

“We’re trying to brighten up the place,” said Raudenbush. “Of all the buildings on campus, Minta can seem a little drab, and we’re hoping to change that. It will look more cheery.”

For Minta residents, the attention is much appreciated.

Sophomore and Minta Resident Assistant Andradene Lowe said the ceilings and floors were some areas she would like to see fixed up, as well as “the bathroom getting new tiles.”

Freshman Hilary Rosenberg would like to see the common rooms redone.

“Not many people hang out in them, they’re pretty lame,” she said. She, like other Minta girls, notes that broken showers are “a big deal.”
“I’d like to see all four of our showers working,” said freshman Rebecca Sussman. “And there’s a lot of chipping paint and holes in the walls. I’d like to see the mold and pests gone.”

Shannon Kirby agrees that, currently, Minta is not without its problems.

“I don’t want to live in a place where it’s generally unlivable,” said the freshman, who will serve as the dorm’s second floor RA next semester.
According to Raudenbush, the renovations will begin the day after commencement and are projected to be completed by August 1.

“We’re trying to clear up problems that are hard to deal with when the building is occupied,” said Raudenbush.

By next semester, the concerns of Minta residents past and present will be addressed to make their dorm a better place to live.
“Despite all its flaws,” said Sussman, “I love Minta.”

April 29, 2011
Volume LXXXI Issue 24

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