By Larissa Check
Elm Staff Writer

Over the years, numerous efforts have been created to integrate the international students with the rest of the WC student body as a means to expand the campus’ international and cultural understanding. This year one of the most obvious of those efforts has been the change in the housing structure for international students. The students are now living in other dorms, as opposed to a majority of them being in the I-house. This has been a commendable effort to better prepare all of our students with an international perspective.

The diversity committee of the SGA and OSA, would like to attribute tremendous recognition and appreciation to the international students for all the cultural enrichment that they bring to our school.

A message to international students: We are extremely happy to know that you chose WC as the place to pursue your dreams and education, and we hope that you will find it easy to become deeply involved with life on campus. WC is such a small and close knit community with many learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom that we hope you will take full advantage of these opportunities.

As international students, your presence here is about more than just acquiring an international education. You bring to WC an open door into the global society. This will help students to gain a broader and better understanding of the world and its diverse people and culture. You are a part of what makes WC a rich tapestry of diverse students from varying cultures, races, and backgrounds.

We will also like to commend your persistence and patience with the culture changes, and we hope that WC has created an extremely supportive and nurturing environment to make your transition into the campus and county a lot easier and more enjoyable.

It has always been a joke among WC students to say “wherever I go, whenever people ask me what college I attend, and I say Washington College, they usually follow up with…In Washington State?” However, it is our hope that you will have such a great and memorable time here in WC, that when you say “I attended Washington College” and tell of your experience, it will not only matter where we are, but also show that we are an attractive community looking to create a global and diverse college family.
It really is an honor to have you here, and the student representatives wish you all the success in the world during your stay here.


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In case you have missed it

In case you have missed it