WC Community Gives Blood to Save Lives

By Alexa Appel
Elm Staff Writer

November 2, students donated time and blood for the Student Service Council’s bi-annual blood drive. Plenty of students showed up to give blood, both old and new donors.
“I’ve tried twice before, but I was ineligible. I’ll keep trying until I can,” said sophomore Katy Krett, waiting to fill out the forms to donate blood. Freshman Maddie Zins agreed. “Back in high school, there were always huge blood drives. I couldn’t give blood then, but I wanted to,” said Zinns.

“It’s not as scary as you’d think,” said freshman Jennifer Swaine. Fellow freshman and repeat donor Lisa Anderson agrees. “It gets easier after a while,” said Swaine.
When asked why they chose to donate blood, several mentioned that one pint can save up to three lives. “You get three friends or family members back,” said freshman Patrick Derrickson, a repeat donor who has given blood six times. “If you weigh the options, the morally correct choice is to do it.”

Many said they would tell those thinking about donating blood to do it because the need outweighs personal fears and worries of needles, and several added that family members either donated blood in the past or needed a donation. Sophomore Amy Nisonger understands this truth well; recently her cousin needed a blood donation. “I think it helps make the Chestertown community closer to WC students, because they’re taking action,” said Nisonger. “The blood drive even seems to make people a little bit happier.”

“Usually, there are a lot of blood shortages, so this helps several people in the area,” said sophomore Megan McCurdy, campus committee co-chair of the service council. “The first year, sophomore Katherine Nau and I did it at the last minute. It worked out very well and was pretty successful,” said McCurdy.

“There are a lot of events on campus, but nothing gives back this much,” said Zinns. When asked what she hoped the Washington College community would get out of the blood drive, Katy Krett said that she hopes more people will be willing to give blood in the future.

WC Service Council will be hosting another blood drive in the spring. If you would like to give blood in the future, please be on the lookout for the opportunity to do so next semester.

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