“Why I Relay. . .”

By Brooke M. Paulshock

“I relay because I have been there, sitting in front of a cancer patient as they received chemotherapy. I know how it feels to see the light in the patient`s eyes slowly begin to dim the more medicine that gets pumped into their veins. That patient was my grandmother. Today she is a cancer survivor, and I relay because through the grace of God my grandmother and I can be together. However, there are still individuals who can’t relay, and there are those at this very moment who are sitting in front of their loved ones in a treatment center. I relay for them.” –Relay Survivor Committee Head Alyssa Velazquez, class of 2012

“When I was in 2nd grade, my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and within a year she had died. Two years later the unthinkable happened, and my mom was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This was a very rough time for my family but thankfully my mom was for the most part very active during her treatment and was cured in a little over year. In 7th grade, my mom relapsed and was in the hospital in and out of comas for six months. As the oldest, I took it unto myself to take care of my family, forcing me to mature very quickly. My mom was strong and beat the cancer again. She now, though, has very thin hair from all the treatment and has to walk with a cane due to her collapsed left lung. I relay for my mother and so that one day, no other little girl will be forced to be without a mother during her adolescent years, the hardest years of a girl’s life and when she needs her mother the most.” –Relay for Life Co-Chair Devin Reilly, class of 2013

To register your team for Relay for Life visit: www.events.cancer.org/washingtoncollege

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