What the What!?: Despite Inanity, Glittery Vampires Are Still a Thing

By Amanda Whitaker

Lifestyle Editor

This is old news, but the vampire genre is in trouble; somewhere, Nosferatu is silently weeping for the future.

The midnight showing for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Pt. 1” was last night, and while I personally didn’t see it, I know that many did. VampMeyers are threatening to take over the legitimacy of the horror genre.

With the “Harry Potter” series officially ending this past summer, many are now questioning whether or not “Twilight” will be–or already is–the next big cultural icon. Many internet battles have been fought relentlessly over which collection of movies is better.

I am here to settle the score: Harry wins. Everytime. Sorry, but I cannot take vampires who glisten in the sun and say things such as “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.” That’s not scary, and it’s not romantic. It’s lame. “Harry Potter” is magical and whimsical. Win.

Now that that is settled, I will tell you what is actually next in young-adult pop-culture: “The Hunger Games.” Don’t believe me? Never heard of it? Check out the trailer and honestly tell me you would rather see a wimpy vampire and a whiny human fumble their way through an idiotic relationship.

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