News at a Glance

By Sarah Masker
Copy Editor

1.) Somewhere in the Vermont prison system, an inmate has made himself the official enemy of the state police. Last week, authorities discovered a prank in which an inmate who makes decals for the Vermont State Police sneakily altered its image of a cow so that a black spot resembles a pig. About 60 of these altered decals, now subtly sporting the common derogatory term for the police, are believed to have been decorating police cruisers since they were made back in 2008. New decals, priced at $780, are expected sometime next week. It’s about time.

2.) Need Plan B? Hit the vending machine. Thanks to student government, students at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania can now purchase the morning-after pill by slipping $25 into a vending machine at the Etter Health Center. The vending machine offers the Plan B One Step emergency contraceptive along with condoms, decongestants, and pregnancy tests. Since the pill is only available without a prescription to people over 17, the school had to check records to verify that the entirety of the student body meets the age requirement. Student government might just have made the most visited vending machine on campus.

3.) Scratch and sniff is fun. Jeans are awesome. Scratch and sniff jeans…for men? Neither fun nor awesome. The new line of Naked & Famous Denim “Scratch-n-Sniff” jeans retail for $150 and boast “the very manly scent of raspberry.” The scent, which comes from micro-capsules of perfume that activate when scratched, lasts about five trips through the laundry. Co-founder Brandon Svarc said, “many of our male customers don’t wash their jeans very often anyways. In fact, some ‘denimheads’ don’t ever wash their jeans at all.” So pretty much, the company just gave men a reason never to wash their clothes ever again. Perfect.

4.) There are a lot of ugly rugs out there, but Frederick Bonato and Andrea Bubka at Saint Peter’s College have observed a “sickening rug phenomenon.” Simply put, people develop “motion sickness-like symptoms” within five minutes of looking at a picture of a black-and-white patterned rug. The researchers, who usually study motion sickness—not rugs—became interested when a colleague bought a new rug that made him, his wife, and their house guests feel dizzy and sick. The new carpeting didn’t last long in that house.

5.) If this unnamed man from Chicago wasn’t afraid of elevators before, he probably is now. When the man became trapped in an elevator between the 21st and 22nd floors, he naturally called for help. Crews had trouble releasing the elevator and devised a plan to rescue him from another elevator parallel to the original, but unfortunately that one also became stuck once the man was inside of it. For more than three hours, the poor guy was stuck wishing he’d taken the stairs. The good news is that everyone made it down safely.

6.) Who says strangers are unwilling to help someone in need? When 70-year-old Loretta Smith of Ohio fell to the floor, numb on the right side, she reached for the phone to call her son. She was off by one number and reached 28-year-old Kenny Crater, several time zones away in Denver. When Smith told Crater she thought she was having a stroke, he asked for her name and address, and then proceeded to call 911. Smith said Crater saved her life, but Crater responded, “I do not feel like I have done anything special.” After all, helping someone out should be a daily practice.

7.) Can you really blame a bald man for stealing Rogaine? Apparently, yes. Police in New York are currently looking for two men, one of whom is bald, after they placed three boxes of Rogaine in a gift bag and left the pharmacy without paying. The stolen Rogaine is worth about $150. Suffolk County Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information that will lead to an arrest. Talk about a serious crime.

8.) Everyone has things he has always wanted to do, but maybe it would be better if people practiced restraint every now and then. John C. Hughes of Montana started a car chase with police, simply because he “just always wanted to do that.” That’s an awesome reason right there. Hughes led police on a chase at more than 100 mph before his tires were deflated by “stop sticks.” He is now facing a misdemeanor count of reckless driving while eluding police. Time to cross high speed car chase off the bucket list…let’s hope it was worth it.

9.) First, there was Paul the Octopus, who correctly predicted winners in the 2010 World Cup. Now, there’s Princess, the star of Popcorn Park Zoo, who has correctly picked the winner in five of the last six Super Bowls. When zoo manager John Bergmann writes the name of the competing teams on each hand, it’s up to Princess to take a graham cracker from whichever hand—and team—she feels will win. This year, Princess picked the New York Giants…and hey, look what happened.

10.) A Swiss artist is proving that not all artists are struggling in the money department. Christoph Buchel plans to bury a Boeing 727 jetliner in California’s Mojave Desert and build a tunnel to allow tourists to visit it. Buchel has applied for a permit allowing him to bury the 153-foot-long airliner 38 feet below the surface. Visitors will travel through the tunnel from the parking lot to the plane, where they will even be able to use the plane’s restrooms. The project, called “Terminal,” has already been approved. Sure, it’s allowed, but is it really art?

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