Something in the Airwaves: WCTR debuts new WC radio show

By Paige Kube
Copy Editor

Attending a college in a small town like Chestertown, students often fail to see the importance of the town’s involvement in school affairs. In an effort to bridge the gap between campus and community, senior William Malkus is starting a College radio program entitled WAC Radio, truly bringing Washington College to Chestertown and, in return, Chestertown to WC.

“It will let residents know what sort of things are happening on campus, and give the students involved a chance to gain some experience with a new medium and express themselves,” Malkus said.

The WAC Radio project blurs the lines between WC and Chestertown, allowing the campus and community to come together. The talents of the WC students will no longer be confined to Wednesday open mic nights and Lit House readings.

Malkus said, “These are only very rough ideas at the moment, but among them are an Elm segment for campus news, an opportunity for student musicians to get heard, and a segment where the writers who have submitted to campus publications can read their work.”

The first air date was scheduled for Feb. 15.

“We’re all just very excited to take this project to the next level and actually get this show on the air,” Malkus said.

Each weekly program will be broken into three segments. The first will be an interview with students, instructors, visitors, or athletes about public affairs or anything else that represents college life. This will allow the community to have a better idea of current events on campus.

The second segment will be an expansion of a story, most likely from that week’s issue of The Elm. The discussion could include a pro or con, right or wrong aspect.

The final segment would discuss upcoming events such as future readings, dances, special occasion dinners, and sports events. The intent is to draw the community to the College.

Even the Office of College Relations is getting involved. Kay Macintosh, director of media relations, said, “Our role here in the Office of College Relations and Marketing was simply to facilitate the process by putting WCTR Manager Ken Collins in touch with interested students.”

Ken Collins, manager of Kent County’s local AM radio station WCTR, is willing to teach broadcasting professionalism and radio skills to inexperienced WC students.

“We believe this is a wonderful opportunity for students to get some real-world communications experience that will add skills to their resumes while keeping the community better informed about what’s happening on the WC campus,” said Macintosh.

So many students have expressed interest in the project that they will switch segments on a weekly basis.

The WAC Radio group is always welcoming interested students. Students who want to get involved can contact William Malkus at Students are reminded that if they sign up, they need to remain committed in order to keep the show going.

“We’ll find some way to get it out to everyone, probably through email and Facebook, and hopefully we’ll even be able to get past shows put up on the College website, so that people who missed them can listen,” said Malkus.

WAC radio airs for 30 minutes one weekday and again on the weekend, every week. Tune into 1530 AM.

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