Minta Mold?: Buildings and Grounds Respond to Mildew Concerns

By Maegan Clearwood
News Editor

Dorm life can be messy, but with efforts from Buildings and Grounds, issues like mold and mildew can be addressed quickly and effectively.

According to Director of Buildings and Grounds Reid Raudenbush, recent complaints about mold in Minta Martin proved unsubstantiated, but his department is constantly aware of the threat of mold.

“Wherever there is humidity, there are mold spores. Wherever there is moisture, such as in bathrooms, there is a possibility for mold,” he said.
Raudenbush said that as part of Minta’s summer renovations, new showers and other measures were put in place to prevent water from leaking and causing mold.

Residents’ responses to Buildings and Grounds’ inspection are varied.

According to sophomore Resident Assistant Shannon Kirby, she started looking into potential mold problems when one of her residents had flu-like symptoms earlier in the year and tested positive to mold allergies.

“I then began to look further into this issue. Buildings and Grounds have said that there is no mold in Minta at the current time, but there have been instances of mold this year in both Minta Martin and Middle Hall that were dealt with immediately. I decided to check out one of the bathrooms on my hall, and though I’m no mold expert I found some green substance on the backs of the toilets.”

Other residents have not noticed any issues. Sophomore Resident Assistant Zulekha Abu said her third floor bathrooms have not had any reported incidents of mold this year.

“I know that some girls on the second floor have been complaining about it but as far as I know, we on the third floor have not been affected by it,” she said. “I know that some of [the second floor] girls are having problems with mold and want to move out.”

According to Raudenbush, the cleaning staff has a cleaning solution specifically designed for treating mold which it uses in response to outbreaks. If the humidity is too high for the solution to work, the staff brings in dehumidifiers to air out the space.

He said that such issues happen more frequently on the Western Shore but are always promptly dealt with.

“If there is a moisture issue, it should be reported immediately so that we can deal with it,” he said. “In terms of mold prevention, there is nothing students can really do. It can help to at least leave one’s air conditioner or fan on to lessen humid conditions.”

Additional reporting contributed by staff writer Kim Uslin.

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