The Chic Choice: Spring weather to sweater weather

By Grace Arenas
Copy Editor

Ah, fall- it means changing leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and most importantly, a whole new wardrobe to embrace. However, this is Maryland, which means for the next few comfortably-in-the-70s weeks, we won’t be swapping sundresses for sweaters just yet. Sophomore Sydney Sznajder has her strategy for transitioning from summer to fall down pat: “My two biggest ways of doing this are to start pairing my light dresses with sweaters and to phase out my sandals and replace them with boots. In November, I’m going to be so excited to pull out my tall boots and long sleeves!” Until then, this American Studies major keeps it cool and cute, making her this week’s Chic Choice.

What she’s wearing: Blue and white vertical striped shirtdress, thin brown belt, navy blue TOMS, silver ring, brown freshwater pearl necklace—“With me, there’s always a necklace involved!”

Where she got it: The dress and belt are from Forever 21, the TOMS and necklace were presents, and as for the ring? “I buy one ring a year from the same silver shop in Old Town Sacramento, Calif.”

Why she chose it: In this still-not-quite-autumn weather, Sydney’s sticking with items she opts for in warmer months, when, she says, “I always gravitate towards simple pieces in bold prints.” Her shirtdress fits the bill (and Sydney) perfectly; “I refer to it as ‘my circus dress’ because it reminds me of a big top tent.”

Style Inspiration: “My friends and online fashion blogs. I like to hit up my savvier friends for tips on whether or not something is working.”

Can’t leave the dorm without: A hairbrush! “My hair is literally 75 percent of my style battle. The rest is easy compared to it!”

Regardless of time of year or temperature, Sydney loves the little extra something the right accessories bring to an outfit. “My roommate and I have a belt graveyard in my bottom drawer, and one of the easiest ways to make our wardrobes stretch father is to pair the same basic outfit with different accessories.” Jewelry is another must-have; “There’s a lot of jewelry floating around in between the women in my family, so some of my stuff is hand-me-down, but I’m also an Etsy addict. I like handmade or eclectic-looking stuff, especially to offset a cutesy dress.”
Above all, it’s Sydney’s attitude towards style that may be the “chic-est” thing about her. “I like to have fun with it. Getting dressed in the morning should make you happy, right? My major way of choosing clothes is picking things off the shelves that make me smile.”

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