Flick or Treat: Tune into these Unconventional Halloween Hits

By Cara Murray and Rosie Mujica
Elm Staff Writers

Halloween – a time of thrills, chills, and treats. While the season may mean a time to revel in monsters, ghosts, and costumes, films are a great way to be festive without fuss. There is a deluge of Halloween movies designed to “vamp” up your heartbeat, “Nightmare on Elm Street,” and “The Shining,” or warm your soul, “Hocus Pocus” and “The Little Vampire.” After 10 years of the same surprises, these movies may lose their intensity or their “cool,” For those looking for a fresh take on Halloween horror, or for something that’s not so scary, take a look at these alternative ways to enjoy Halloween cinema.

H+ (2012)
This webseries introduces viewers to an apocalyptic future where a computer virus has decimated society. Sounds pretty standard, right? But did I forget to mention that 33 percent of the world’s population has embraced the latest technology, a small chip that turns their brains into a hotspot! With masses dropping dead all around the world people start to wonder whether upgrading from the smart phone was the best decision. With 24 episodes already out, this new age adventure continues to chronicle times before, during, and after the epidemic.

Antiviral (2012)
Ever wonder if our obsession with fame has gone too far? In Brandon Cronenberg’s feature length directorial debut people can get even closer to those they admire, by paying for their DNA.
Whether it’s a meal lined with some super-starlet’s DNA or, for the extreme, a bout of the same strand of measles that once lived in your favorite pop star, Antiviral provides entertainment for the horror seeking hypochondriac in your life!

Dead Set (2008)
Fan of reality television? Why not try the UK’s thrilling BAFTA nominated miniseries “Dead Set.” Centered around a cast from Big Brother the housemates quickly go from boring to BAMF as they struggle to stay alive amidst a zombie outbreak.

Ghost Hunt (2006)
Anime more your style? Try the paranormal thriller “Ghost Hunt.” Ghost stories are a hobby until the haunting isn’t just in your head. This 25-episode series follows the exploits of a research team as they tackle the supernatural with both science and spirit.

Dracula 3000 (2004)
Need a movie that’s so bad it’s good? Ever wonder where Coolio’s career went? Been looking for that special direct-to-video release to brighten your day? Check out “Dracula 3000.” It’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula…. IN SPACE!

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012)
In the mood for a comedy? Try your luck with “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.” The premise seems cute enough, it’s the typical boy meets girl, it just takes place at the same time that meteor meets Earth. Though the critics were torn about this film it’s worth a look for those wanting a little romance for the season.

Repo: The Genetic Opera (2008)

Like blood? Like gore? Like Paris Hilton singing?! While it may seem a little whimsical, check out the rock-opera turned cult classic “Repo: The Genetic Opera.” This musical is set in a dystopian future where every problem can be fixed with a little bit of surgery.
Cutting people up comes with a cost, and if the patient can’t pay, then the Repo man comes to repossess their organs. It’s like “Nip/Tuck” set to song!

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