By Hannah Kebede
Elm Staff Writer

Saturday night a portal from the underworld opened up beneath WC, allowing creatures from the darkest reaches of science fiction, Disney and the internet to invade Middle Hall.
Strangely enough, this sort of supernatural event happens every year in the arts housing dorm. They call it the Middle Hall Haunted House—but don’t let the playful name fool you. Oct. 20-21, that place is pure evil.

With only a small budget from the school given to appease the angry spirits, the dorm is transformed into a spiderweb-infested palace for tortured souls and the psychopathically insane. The decorations are all student-crafted, student-planned and student-run.

Planning begins in September as the demons start possessing the innocent residents into being their servants. These brainwashed volunteers work hard on the demanding task of decorating Middle Hall on Friday and Saturday, and the even more horrendous one of cleaning up the mess on Sunday.

This year Slender Man occupied the basement (renting out one closet to the friendly neighborhood kidnapper), standing menacingly in every corner, in every shadow, in every window and behind every back but doing nothing. Upstairs, there was the floor of women who stared with eyes wide but seemed to be without voice—until the lights went out. Then they wailed. Above them, childhood’s favorite fairytale characters were corrupted into manic muttering, distressed singing and hopeless moans of agony. And finally, the third floor had been converted into a sick hospital where the patients—or, rather, the caged prisoners—screamed as they had their limbs sawed off in the name of science, and for the fun of the doctors who enjoy doing amputations.

“Watching people scream was my favorite part by far” said the zombie tour guide formerly known as sophomore psychology major Julie Kirkpatrick, who led countless groups of WC students through the haunted house.

Luring unsuspecting students into Middle Hall and guiding them through its forsaken floors was the duty of the residents.

“It was very well done,” said freshman Sara Perkins, “The actors were convincing and the sets were well made. I really enjoyed it.”

The naive students think that the spooky spectacle is for their entertainment, but really they are paraded around the dorm for the undead and uninvited guests’ amusement. Most mortal visitors to Middle Hall make it out alive, set free after being toyed with. However those who misbehaved were not so lucky. The meddling kids who destroyed props and grabbed the actors were never heard from again.

They’re fates, like the fate of the missing Chestertown couple from across the street who asked Slender Man to turn down his loud and suspenseful music, are currently unknown. But two things are certain, that that the Middle Hall Haunted House was amazing this year and that it will be back to scare everyone into the Halloween spirit next year.

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