Big Strides for Renovated Johnson Fitness Center

Students and community members can enjoy the increased space and new equipment brought to campus with the renovation of the Johnson Fitness Center.
Photo by Amanda Boyer
By Leland Fiegel
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Those fulfilling their New Year’s resolutions at the Johnson Fitness Center may have already noticed the newly expanded and renovated gym space. Construction was largely completed over winter break.

The gym layout is now separated into three sections: areas for free weights, weight machines, and cardiovascular equipment (such as stationary bikes and treadmills), now known as the Davenport Cardio Gallery.

Another big component of the gym renovations is the extra open space.

“It doesn’t feel cramped anymore, and there’s so much more room for activities,” said Washington College junior Andrea Clarke.

The added room has allowed for the addition of new equipment in the fitness center. Four new squat racks were brought in to replace the three old racks, along with four new Olympic weight lifting platforms. An additional decline bench and an assisted dip and chin machine, among others, were also added.

In order to fill out the Davenport Cardio Gallery, additional cardiovascular machines were brought in as well. Three new treadmills, six new ellipticals, four new upright bikes, four new recumbent bikes, two new stair-climbers, and one new summit trainer were added to the collection.

Students have been taking advantage of the new cardio space, which carries on the “non-cramped” feel of the rest of the gym.

“I like the TVs and the equipment. It’s a lot more accessible and comfortable now, and not so cramped anymore,” said junior Emily Lovett.

Students, faculty, staff, as well as members of the 1782 Society will need to bring their college ID card with them to scan on the new ID reader to be granted access to the facility. The reasons for the new ID access system are to keep the premises secure, as well as to track attendance numbers.

The gym was not the only area of the JFC that saw improvements. The Field House had a new lighting system installed, with occupancy sensors divided by court.

It’s estimated that this new system will save over $50,000 per year in energy costs.

“The expanded center allows the campus community to co-exist in a space that was once too small. The separation of cardio and strength sections along with the amble amount of space in-between each piece of equipment allows for an easier flow of foot traffic.”

“We tried to meet the demand of all students with expanding our cardiovascular equipment, while adding several pieces of much needed strength equipment,” said Jonnie Jenkins, director of the Johnson Fitness Center.

“I hope everybody enjoys it, uses it, and takes advantage of it. We’ve seen amazing numbers the past few days.”

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