Ready, Set, Rush: 2013 Spring Recruitment

By Paige Kube
Copy Editor

Formal Recruitment

  • Recruitment has begun with 65 girls attending Panhel Tea. Potential new members arrived and were separated into three different rotation groups. All the girls were escorted into Decker Theater for songs and skits performed by the three sororities. Each sorority came up with a recruitment theme to follow throughout the week; ZTA was “Zetas in Wonderland,” AOII chose “AOII in the City,” and the AXO was “Superheroes.” Sisters donned recruitment shirts and decorated their events to match their theme. After each sorority performed a 15 minute skit that demonstrated the ideals of its sorority, all three sororities came together on stage. Even renditions of “Thrift Shop” and Spice Girl songs were made into chants.
  • The three groups were rotated between the three sororities stationed in classrooms in Daly. The women were able to meet and talk with a number of different sisters while briefly learning about their sisterhood, philanthropy, and values.
  • All potential new members were invited to each sorority’s Informal Night. ZTA’s took place on Monday night. AOII’s was Tuesday night, and AXO was on Wednesday night. This gave the girls a longer opportunity to really get to know other sisters, gain a deeper understanding of their organization, have more intimate conversations, and get a number of their questions answered by the sisters.
  • Thursday night, the PNMs had an opportunity to learn more about each sorority’s philanthropy as well as the Panhelinic philanthropy, going around to different rooms to take part in an educational event. Not to mention, they had another day to get to know sisters.
  • Formal Night, which takes place Friday evening in the CAC, is an opportunity to receive a sneak peak into a very intimate and private part of the sisters’ organizations. For some, this helps solidify their choice while for others, is a determining factor. An invitation is required to attend. PNMs can receive their invitations from Beth Anne Langrall at her office beginning today between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Girls can get invited to all three sororities Formal Night events, but can only attend a maximum of two. At the end of the night, the girls preference the sororities whose Formal Night events they attended.
  • Sunday morning, women receiving bids will arrive at the first floor of the CAC. When their name is called, they will be ushered toward the stairs where an alumnus of one of the three sororities will proudly extend them a bid. If a PNM accepts the bid, she will be escorted down the stairs where she will be greeted by her future sisters (with screams and chants, of course). A girl can also decline or defer a bid without the sisters knowing.

Formal Rush

  • Guys, too, are taking part in the Greek frenzy with their Formal Rush. While Panhel Tea was in session, a group of 35 male potential new members visited each of the four fraternities for 30 minutes each to get acquainted with the brothers.
  • During the week, potential new members were invited back to the Formal Night rounds. Monday night was Theta Chi, Tuesday was Kappa Alpha, Wednesday was Kappa Sigma, and Thursday was Phi Delta Theta.
  • Today, brothers cannot speak with potential new members. Those who receive a bid can find them in their mailbox by noon. They must respond to accept, decline, or defer their bid by 5 p.m. If they defer a bid, they must respond by Saturday at 4 p.m.

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