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By The Elm - Apr 26,2013@10:04 am

By Caitlin Steele
Elm Staff Writer

1) Using a public restroom can be a scary ordeal especially if a tiger happens to be there too. Jenna Krehbiel found herself face to face with a tiger when she went to use the bathroom after the large cat show at Shrine Circus in Salina, Kan. The large cat had escaped and had found its way into the restroom. Krehbeil explained that she walked in and immediately knew she had to calmly leave. She did just that and neither she nor the tiger were harmed. Hey, the performers need bathroom breaks too, even if they are the world’s largest cat. (Yahoo News)

2) Forcing a hand job will not get your ex to start dating you, instead it might just get you arrested. Laquavia Sharelle Wallace, a 22-year-old Florida woman was arrested last week for violently yanking her ex-boyfriends penis and “causing him pain.” The incident occurred when Wallace went to the home of Antonio Marquis Williams to pick up their daughter when they got in an argument about dating. Wallace wanted to date again when Williams did not. The fighting escalated and Wallace began pulling on William’s penis. The amount of clothing was not disclosed and Wallace was charged with domestic battery. Careful ladies, no means no! (The Smoking Gun)

3) Sex in space might be in the semi-near future for a lucky married couple. The Inspiration Mars Foundation’s “Mission for America” plans to send a married couple on a 501 day mission around Mars in 2018 and the couple is expected to have or at least attempt to have sex. This mission is important for future space travel to distant reaches of the galaxy to quite simply see if people will be able to have sex during those long hours to entertain themselves. It’s hoped that the couples will document how having sex in space will be since there is no friction and they are likely to end up bumping into the walls a lot. Sex in space, the final frontier! (NBC News)

4) Everyone knows not to look down the barrel of a gun. But what about a harpoon gun? A Brazilian fisherman, Bruno Barcellos de Souza Coutinho, 34, accidently shot himself in the face with his harpoon gun while cleaning it. He survived the foot long spear shooting through his left eye and nuzzling itself centimeters away from vital arteries and then decided it was best not to seek medical attention right away. Luckily his aunt had better sense and did it for him. The fisherman went into emergency surgery and survived with minimum brain damage. He might already have had some to begin with if he thought it was best to “let it heal” before he got the spear in his eye removed. (Huffington Post)

5) 4/20 this past weekend definitely saw a lot of stoned people smoking joints of all various sizes. Yet a two pound joint sounds a little too hefty. Police allegedly confiscated a two pound joint from a 4/20 party at the University of California in Santa Cruz, Calif.. A video shows police leaving a party carrying what appears to be a large two pound joint and being completely unfazed by students’ threats to take him to court. This annual party hosts over a thousand guest and police just patrol it instead of shutting it down because it’s cheaper. (

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