Kevin Lair
Staff Columnist

We spend so much time fighting for democracy in faraway nations and over massive bodies of water that we neglect the very anti-democratic, freedom-ripping leaders who plague our nation. Rather than eradicate these threats to our liberties, we glorify them, envy them, fundraise and vote for them.

Our political parties frighten me more than any aggressive foreign nation. Our military is by far the most advanced, well-equipped fighting force the world has ever known, and it can handle our foreign foes. North Korea’s hissy fit tantrum covers headlines now, but we remain at the mercy of more festering wounds: our two major political parties.

Our Founding Fathers established a nation based on the principles of personal freedom and limited government. Since then, both parties have drastically curtailed our freedoms and grossly expanded government. Our leaders put party over people and care more about their next electoral win or endorsement than the next free trade deal or technological advancement. They line their own pockets while they bleed ours dry.

In our namesake’s farewell address, George Washington warned of the ills of political parties and foreign entanglements. Today, political parties are more powerful than ever, perpetuating partisan politics. Our major political parties are enraged when our elected leaders simply make eye contact with someone of the other party. And it seems that every time an event occurs in the world, peaceful or combat-related, our political leaders find some half thought out way to stick America’s nose into it.

Rather than send our sons and daughters to police the world or force other nations to adapt to our beliefs, America should focus on policing America’s own borders and streets. Unfortunately, President Barack Obama believes the only way to protect Americans is to take away their means of protecting themselves.

Our politicians have exacerbated international issues and brought America to a domestic standstill. It seems the only thing our government can do is royally screw over everyday Americans. Both parties torture our civilians, allow millions of our brothers and sisters to go hungry, and then tell everyone else how they should live and who they should love. Our leaders impede the entrepreneurial spirit with insensitive remarks like Obama’s “if you got a business, you didn’t build that” and then overtax the progress we do achieve. In particular, this administration has the audacity to issue handouts rather than hand ups, eliminating the drive to succeed.

It is no surprise then that Americans despise our elected governing bodies. According to Gallup opinion polling and Public Policy Polling (PPP), Congress hobbles along with a 13 percent approval rating, lower than Genghis Khan, root canals, and cockroaches. Still, Gallup and PPP found that Congress’s approval just edges playground bullies, meth labs, and Gonorrhea, though not in several other polls. It is tragic that Americans find colonoscopies more pleasing than Congress, although both encompass fecal matter.

This nation was established on revolutionary principles and through the determination of patriotic farmers and blacksmiths. With renewed vigor and fortitude, American patriots freed their black brothers and sisters, saved mankind through consecutive global conflicts, and defeated commie dictators worldwide.

Everyday Americans accomplished these feats, and it is everyday Americans that have made this country the greatest nation on earth.

We are not subjects of our political leaders; we ended that some 237 years ago. Instead, we are our own voice and our own leaders. We need to make our voice for freedom and liberty louder and unmistakably clear to our elected officials. It is time to take back our country from the dictator-like political parties that control us. We need to lessen their power and expand the power of the individual.

I urge you to take a stand for liberty, justice, and freedom for all. If we want to fix the world, we need to start at home and with our political parties.

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