By Cara Murray
Elm Staff Writer

We’ve all played through this scene a hundred times before. It’s Tuesday night, just on the early side of 8 p.m.; as you make your way back to your dorm, you’re dodging invites from your friends with the old “Oh sorry, I’m feeling under the weather” or “I’m just slammed with work tonight, ugh!” Paired with the believable cough and the perfected eye roll, your amigos are none the wiser. You make it back to your room, but its relative safety doesn’t mean you can let your guard down yet. You lock the door, make sure your roommate is actually at work and, for the slightly-paranoid creative types, you set up a couple of perimeter warnings à la “Home Alone.” Lights dimmed, phone silenced, excuse resting on the tip of your tongue, you’re ready. You snuggle up and settle down for an hour of pure guilty pleasure.

By this, of course, I mean TV. Whether it’s a soap, reality, or just a really crappy drama, we all have those shows we struggle to keep our little secret. But if everyone has them, then why do we try to hide it? I say let your freak flag fly. These shows are on air for a reason: people connect with them. We see Snooki and JWoww and commiserate (Don’t worry ladies: I, too, struggle to find the perfect guido). I will be the first to admit that “Long Island Medium” has made me cry. We all know that “CSI: Miami” exists solely for Horatio Caine and those sunglasses-dropping one-liners. And whether you are Young and Restless or Bold and Beautiful, you are probably in love and addicted to soap operas.

There is nothing wrong with loving those mind-numbing hours we spend with our favorite fictional friends. Even better though is sharing that time with your real-life friends. Don’t be afraid to fess up to your besties; chances are they enjoy a good marathon of “American Ninja Warrior” too.
If you need a little help letting those closest to you know about your addiction, here are some shows you might try to test the waters. Fair warning, these shows might become your next guilty pleasure.

“America’s Got Talent” NBC
Between the belting beauties and the choreographed dances, there are those crazy few fire-breathing ventriloquists that make this show border on the ridiculous.

“Vampire Diaries” CW
“I have a paper due next period, I don’t have a dress for the debutante ball this weekend AND two old vampire brothers are in love with me! UGH!” But to be honest, this show sucks you in.

“Dancing with the Stars” ABC
Fumbling football players, stylish singers, and TV talk show hosts we all know and love grace the stage in a ballroom smack down. While I don’t generally watch this show, this season has a much beloved scientist from our youth, Bill Nye the Science Guy. Bill, Bill, Bill!

“Ghost Hunters” Syfy
Plumbers by day, ghost hunters by night, what more do you need? The best part of this show is that though they rarely find anything you still keep coming back week after week because… what if they do?!

“Teen Wolf” MTV
Following pretty much the same format as “Vampire Diaries,” this show follows a couple of guys just trying to make it on their school lacrosse team and ask out the girls of their dreams when suddenly they turn into werewolves. This reimaging of the beloved 1980’s movie may start off cheesy, but it will soon have you hooked.

TLC… every show
“Sister Wives,” “Breaking Amish,” “Say Yes to the Dress,” “The Little Couple,” “19 Kids and Counting,” if you turn on this channel I guarantee there will be a guilty pleasure. It’s what they do.

So yes, these shows may be bad and clichéd, have the worst writing/acting/everything you’ve seen, but don’t be afraid to own up to the fact that you watch and enjoy these shows. Go indulge, and next time your friend asks if you want to hang, say, “I’ve got a date with my TV, want to join? I hear there’s a marathon of ‘Real Housewives’ on!”

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