Tough Loss for Shorewomen

By The Elm - Sep 27,2013@4:11 pm

Sophomore Caitlin Byrnes raced with the ball up-field despite heavy defensive pressure.
Amanda Boyer

By Koppany Jordan
Staff Writer

The rain came down hard as people gathered to watch the Shorewomen face off against the Gettysburg Bullets. This would be the third game played at Roy Kirby Jr. Stadium on the Kibler Field as all the teams were making their homecoming appearances.

While many fans were in the Press Box, many more decided to cheer in the rain to show their numbers to the Shorewomen taking the field. A new challenge was at hand as the team was coming off a win against Wesley and knew that the Bullets would be a difficult opponent.

With the rain increasing to a monsoon-like feel, the Shorewomen remained resilient against the Bullets and fought as the weather worsened.

Earlier in the week Coach Kanute Drugan had said, “If we can create consistency, then there will be a better product on the field and the result will be a better Homecoming than last year.”

Slipping and sliding, both teams had great difficultly controlling the ball and it seemed like the Maryland weather was on the side of the Shorewomen early on. After a series of corner kicks, Gettysburg scored first.

Freshman goalkeeper Melissa Barry said, “We really played as a team and we never gave up.”

Onward fought the Shorewomen to try to dodge the Bullets, as they came head to head and defended their turf, but soon slips began to occur. As the monsoon weather continued, two more goals were made by the Bullets shortly before halftime. Down by three, the Shorewomen came off the field to rest and to collect their thoughts for the next half.

Returning from halftime, it was apparent that a different Shorewomen team was playing. While a goal was scored on them early, the Bullets could not score for the rest of the game.

The Shorewomen defense grew strong and more unified as a wall seemed to form to block out their opponent.

More attacks began to be made on the goal as well by the offense. Sophomore Caitlin Byrnes said, “We feel like we stayed in until the end. We hustled but we didn’t give up.”

The Shorewomen held out from being scored on in the last 40 minutes of the game and their efforts brought pride to those at the game.

Concluding the game at 0-4, the Shorewomen must learn from this game and grow from it throughout the season. Despite their best efforts, the Shorewomen could not rally for a win.

Freshman Julia Jakus said, “We may have lost but we sure didn’t get pushed around. We’re coming for them next year.”

The optimism for the program is great and it was amazing to see how strong everyone stayed.

Coach Drugan said, “Our two toughest opponents are behind us. We’ll see if we can’t sneak into this conference. I’m proud of everyone and we [must] get whole and healthy again. As a team, we just need to focus on the next game.”

The Shorewomen return home to play nonconference Goucher on Sept. 28 at 4 p.m. and will be ready. Come support in your maroon and white.

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