Chic Choice: Obella Obbo,‘14

By The Elm - Oct 18,2013@3:00 pm

By Grace Arenas
Lifestyle Editor

Homecoming king, Wacappella fella, and admissions tour guide, senior Obella Obbo is often in the campus spotlight. Luckily, with his well-matched attire and clever accessories, that spotlight always flatters him. Everyone who knows Obbo recognizes his cool, casual style and ubiquitous sunglasses, but it’s this outfit’s colorful representation of Goose Nation pride that makes him this week’s Chic Choice.

What he’s wearing: a maroon, white, and charcoal Fair Isle print crewneck, maroon pants, gray tennis shoes, Washington College sunglasses, woven bracelet.

Where he got it: The sweater was a present his girlfriend brought back from her semester abroad in Ireland, the pants are from H&M, the shoes are from JC Penney’s, the sunglasses were borrowed from a friend, and the bracelet was purchased from a street vendor in Kampala, Uganda.

Why he chose it: “It was WAC-y Wednesday!” Also, the WC photo of the day’s theme was maroon to encourage students to show their Shoremen spirit.

Style Inspiration: “The 90’s,” said Obbo. “I try to be somewhere in between Bill Cosby and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I love the 90’s!”

Can’t leave the dorm without: His sunglasses. Obbo’s sunglasses are a staple, and always coordinate with whatever outfit he’s wearing. How did this summer accessory become a year-round fashion statement for him? “I wore them a lot without thinking about it, and then one day in class, my professor asked me, ‘Are you OK?’ and I didn’t know why, but I realized it was because I wasn’t wearing my sunglasses. Ever since then, I always need to have them on.”

Number one fashion tip: “Always match!” Obbo’s own perfectly coordinated ensembles often feature colored pants, a refreshing change from everyday denim.

Number one fashion don’t: “No jorts!” Obbo says, emphatically noting that widely-regarded faux pas of men wearing jean shorts.

That being said, Obbo acknowledges that even the most stylish people can use a break now and then from the effort of assembling the most polished outfit.

“I think it’s always important to invest in ‘look-like-a-bum Thursday,’ or like ‘sweatpants Friday.’ There can be too much stress in looking good. Sometimes you have to feel good about not looking good.”

Hey, so long as you’re feeling good (and you’ve got your shades on, of course).

The Elm

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