By Koppany Jordan
Staff Writer

While many students sat at home or traveled to places near and far, the Shorewomen continued their work in Chestertown—waiting and preparing for their matchups during the Fall Break.

To this point, Shorewomen soccer program has had a tough season in conference play. Motivation ran high as they looked for their first conference win of the season.

The Shorewomen knew that time was running out, and with the season coming to a close later this month, they needed to prove themselves competitive within the league.

Coach Kanute Drugan said, “We faced a highly challenging schedule over the last seven games. The rigors of the season are exacting a toll on our roster increasing the degree of challenge confronting us. To be successful, we must be resilient, tough-minded, and prepared to execute our game plan each time.”

Facing Bryn Mawr and Dickinson—two conference teams—helped provide the Shorewomen the opportunity to gain their first conference win.

During the Bryn Mawr match, the Shorewomen made an effort to engage the Owls and avoid fowl play. However, in the first half, the Shorewomen were not as mentally engaged as needed. Likewise, they had trouble communicating on the field. Those factors caused problems and resulted in a rather frantic pace, forcing the Shorewomen to deviate from their style.

At halftime, Coach Drugan discussed his team’s lackluster performance. The message was received loud and clear, as the tempo of the game was more steady in the second half.

With senior midfielder Heather Smith’s solo goal in the second half, the Shorewomen had their first conference win.

Coming off the game, Coach Drugan said, “We need to approach each game and each opponent the same way. We must make it a priority to establish the tempo and the fluidity of play that best suits us for this game.”

Certainly the Shorewomen had worked hard to get this far and they hoped that they would be able to go further from here.

Freshman goalkeeper Melissa Barry concluded, saying, “I couldn’t be happier with coming out with a win. We played strong through the whole game.”

Though the Shorewomen faced a tough loss, earning the conference win over Bryn Mawr capped the weekend as a victory, because they struggled this season to seal close inter-conference victories.

Returning to play on Saturday, the Shorewomen faced the Dickinson Red Devils. Having had two days to practice in between games, the Red Devils were a test to see how the Shorewomen could match up after a short turnaround.

A tough opponent from the start, the Red Devils rallied to score in the first half, and held a 7-1 advantage in shots on the goal. Despite efforts by Shorewoman junior forward Suzanne Patinella, the Red Devils took down the Shorewomen in the second half with two goals.

Freshman midfielder Laura Tocci said, “We have had some hard fought [games], unfortunate losses, but we have grown so much throughout the season. We have amazing captains and leaders which is a huge benefit for a young team. Through the season we’ve been learning and growing on the field and off the field.”

The Shorewomen play on the road this Saturday against the Franklin and Marshall Diplomats, but return home Oct. 26 for their senior day against McDaniel at 4 pm. Come out and support all the hard work of the various team members and wish all the senior well as they go onward into the future.

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