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By The Elm - Oct 28,2013@3:12 pm

By Caitlin Steele
Elm Staff Writer

1) Despite the plentiful TV shows depicting Bigfoot hunters stomping around the woods with night-vision cameras while mistaking fox calls for a furry ape-man, they have to prove the existence of the elusive yeti creature. But a recent DNA study may have proven the existence of Bigfoot. Bryan Sykes, a British geneticist at Oxford University, says that DNA suggests that the Himalayan yeti of legends may be a descendent of an ancient polar bear. Sykes discovered this by finding that two unidentified hairs from the Himalayas are related to the ancient polar bear suggesting that Yeti sightings are actually an undiscovered cross between polar bears and brown bears. So we don’t have any snow ape cousins, just more scary bears. (Huffington Post)
2) A study shows that Oreos may be more addictive than cocaine. This doesn’t come as a surprise to those who have eaten a whole sleeve of them without realizing it. In an experiment with rats, researchers at Connecticut College have discovered that not only do rats prefer Oreos over rice cakes in the same way they prefer cocaine over morphine, but they enjoyed Oreos more in general. Oreos activated more neurons than cocaine does, which helps prove the hypothesis that high-fat and high-sugared foods are addictive. So the next time you find yourself downing an entire pack of America’s favorite cookie, remember that it’s not your fault; you just have a sugar addiction. (Huffington Post)
3) As college students, we know we want to spend a significant time with our significant others before getting married. It’s logical to wait, but what about waiting almost all your life? One-hundred-and-three-year old Jose Manuel Riella and 99-year old Martina Lopez of Paraguay finally tied the knot after 80 years together with encouragement from their children. Forty years ago they had been joined in a civil union by the state, but the family wanted a religious ceremony for the marriage. The couple has already built a huge family unlike other newlyweds with eight children, 50 grandchildren, 35 great-grandchildren, and 20 great-great-grandchildren. Hopefully they’ll have many more years together to meet even more family members. (Yahoo News)
4) Cats are tricky little devils and it’s often seems that many would be criminals if they could. This cat did though by sneaking marijuana in and out of prison in Moldova. Guards grew suspicious of the cat when they noticed it coming and going through a hole in a fence and that it had a suspicious looking collar. The cat was apprehended with two packets of marijuana attached to its collar. Someone in the village at Pruncal had been using cats to smuggle marijuana and other contraband items, such as cell phones, to inmates at the Department of Penitentiary Institutions. Who says cats aren’t loyal when they’ll break the law for you? (Yahoo News)
5) Being a Walmart greeter must be tough. People barely say ‘hello’ and a lot of weirdoes come into Walmart. What if that weirdo was an alligator? A six-foot alligator almost made his way into a Walmart store in Apopka, Florida, when he stepped on the pad to make the doors open and close. Police officers lured the gator away from those people who had gathered to take pictures of it. That’s completely understandable because it’s not every day that you see a gator in Florida. (ABC News)

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