SGA Corner Oct. 15

By The Elm - Oct 28,2013@3:09 pm

By Katie Tabeling
News Editor

Oct. 15

  • When the committee returned from break, the Diversity Committee announced that Oct. 21-25 would be diversity week. Diversity week focuses on what makes Washington College students unique, and events would take place in Hodson Hall.
  • In addition, the Academic Committee announced they celebrated National Day on Writing on Oct. 21. The committee also announced they would be collaborating for the Major’s Fair on Wednesday.
  • The Fencing Club submitted a discretionary request of $1,100 for fencing equipment. The Fencing Club is planning on fundraising with a foam sword tournament. The entry fee for the tornament will be $5 and will take place in Yoga studios. The club has also collected dues from its 20 members. The club’s representative informed the SGA that they have already bought three sets of equipment and will be purchasing the cheapest sets possible. The motion to allocate $1,100  was passed.
  • A motion to approve the Anti-Trafficking Awareness Club was presented to the SGA. The club will be focused on educating the campus on human trafficking.  “We would only need a small budget to continue our bra campaign and we’re looking to collaborate with,” said club representative Ellie Hilton. Twenty-five people have expressed interested in the club. The motion was passed.
  • Motion to approve the American Marketing Association was presented. The association would be focused on career activities for students, creating a network and bringing speakers to campus. According to the club representative Dave Kendrick, American Marketing would possibly need a small budget to pay for speakers. The association’s first meeting was last Thursday. The motion was approved. There have been five clubs recognized this semester.
  • In non-senatorial business, it was announced that the budget is due in five weeks. For questions about the budget, please contact Katie Young.
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