News at A Glance

By Caitlin Steele
Elm Staff Writer

1.) What’s better than a deep fried Twinkie? How about a deep fried Twinkie burger? Philadelphia restaurant PYT recently began serving this high calorie burger. This masterpiece consists of a pork belly patty, cheese, bacon and two deep fried Twinkies surrounding it all. PYT is known for their twists on the classic American burger and their latest creation has drawn lines of people to their door to try it. When the burger was announced on the restaurant’s Facebook page they apologized, “We are really sorry, but someone had to do it.” Really? Did it really have to be done? (NBC Today)

2.) Want to score a good hook up this weekend? Be sure to go out with your friends so you’ll look more attractive. This is not saying that all your friends are ugly though. A recent study suggests that people look more attractive in groups. This is not a new idea and has previously been called the “cheerleader effect,” “Sorority Girl Syndrome,” and the “Boy Band Illusion.” The study, published in the journal Psychological Science, used university students to first judge attractiveness of people in group photos and then each group member individually. People in groups were judged as about 5.5 percent more attractive. So be sure to grab your friends for the next time you want to score a cute hook up. (NBC News)

3.) Having kids gives you grey hair over the years, or so they say even though you still age one year at a time. But if you want to speed up the grey hair and wrinkles then become president. Dr. Michael Roizen claims that United States presidents age two years for every one year they serve in office. This evidence is clear when looking at the current and past two presidents. They go in young and optimistic and come out grey haired and worn down. Being the most powerful person in the free world apparently comes with a major setback if one values their youth. (Yahoo News)

4.) Sriracha sauce is hot if you have ever had the guts to try it. It’s an Asian hot sauce that is made of jalapeño chili peppers. It’s so hot that it is even painful to smell it getting made which is why the town of Irwindale, home of the Sriracha factory, filed an injunction for the plant to stop making the sauce unless they could make the smell go away. Unfortunately for the townspeople, a judge denied their temporary restraining order and set a court date for Nov. 12 to hear future arguments. Will sauce overcome the saucy townspeople? (Reuters)

5.) On National Cat Day, the car service app Uber and the kitty loving website I Can Has Cheezburger launched a one-day fundraising event for animal shelters. In the cities of Seattle, San Francisco, and New York, Uber app users were able to press a button to request kittens— two-month old adoptable kittens would be brought to them for a fee of $20 which was donated to the animal shelters. Also included with the 15 minutes of kitten cuddles were T-shirts and cupcakes. The idea was so popular that not everyone who requested kitten cuddles got them. The solution? Have kitten cuddles on demand available everyday! (Huffington Post)

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