By Kim Uslin
Copy Editor

As any Washington College student who makes it a point to leave his or her dorm once in a while knows, this weekend marks the biggest social event of the College year: George Washington’s Annual Birthday Ball. With this year’s theme, Harry Potter nerds and casual fans alike will convene in the JFC for a magical night. While there are those that will likely go all out with their outfits – round glasses, lightning scars, cloaks, and all – others may want to pay a chicer homage to J.K. Rowling’s famous works. Whatever you decide to wear, I urge you to consider the theme. It’s way more fun that way.

For those interested in dressing according to theme without being too costume-y, here is a house-divided guide for looking your best on the night of the Ball.

If you identify with the clever set (wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure), consider donning a rich navy dress or suit. Accessorize according to your color preference: The book cites the Ravenclaw house colors as bronze and blue, but the movies present Luna and company in silver and blue. Ladies, consider donning a diadem of sorts to represent Rowena and crown yourself queen for the evening. If you’re not comfortable wearing the delicate crown, substitute a bejeweled Blair Waldorf-esque headband or decorative bobby pins. You’re brilliant both ways.

Though not given much credit, Hufflepuffs are among the most solid HP characters. Featuring a stunning canary yellow and black color combination, Hufflepuff’s fashion potential for those willing to show off badger pride is immense. Bring the sunshine in a yellow dress or tie and pocket square, or simply accessorize with a splash of color. If you’re feeling really creative, channel the badger’s distinct black and white markings with a dark smoky eye and walk around like you don’t give a…Hedwig hoot.

Get down with your bad self in gorgeous emerald green and silver. While there are some exceptions, Slytherins are known for their cunning (and nasty attitudes), so embrace your inner bad boy or girl in daring cuts and colors. Men, consider a forest green suit jacket to add dimension to your look. Ladies, look for a slinky emerald or silver sheath to get Parseltongues wagging. To take things a step further, consider investing in some crazy cool (but not creepy) snake-themed jewelry – you’ll be surprised what Etsy can offer.

Let them hear you roar in red and gold. Or, if feeling a bit more school-spirited, go with the movie adaptation’s take and swap scarlet for some WC maroon. Fortunately, gold is gorgeous with everything. Embrace it in either matte or metallic and shine like a snitch all night. Those with a bit more hair, consider large waves or barrel curls to create your own gorgeous mane. Be brave.

If you just can’t commit to one house (or know too little to do so), consider preppy-chic cuts or uniform-esque pieces to mirror the classic prepster style donned by Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Better than Ron’s dress robes, right?

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