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By The Elm - Mar 29,2014@12:00 pm

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Whether Roaring 20s or 60s mod, there’s a vintage fashion trend out there for everybody. Nevertheless, those flapper dresses and go-go boots start to feel a little stale. It takes true sartorial daring to pull off that 18th century swagger, but some Washington College students have what it takes. Specifically, the man himself does. Spotted chilling on the green in a seriously classic ensemble, it’s George’s on-trend employment of a monochromatic palette that sets him apart and makes him this week’s Chic Choice.

What he’s wearing: Knee-length frock coat, silk cravat, linen shirt, britches with matching spatterdashes (look it up!), buckle-detail shoes, wool cloak, and tricorne hat.

Where he got it: The cloak and cravat were anniversary gifts from wife Martha, the frock coat and tricorne hat came from the local H&M (Haberdashery and Milliner’s), the shoes were borrowed from a friend (freshman Alex Hamilton), the breeches “I’ve had forever,” and the shirt is from the Gap.

Why he chose it: “I spend a lot of time on the Green, so layering is really the way to go. Like, it’s been freezing lately, so the cloak has come in handy, but as it starts to warm up I can make adjustments. I like to be prepared for all kinds of weather.”

Style Inspiration: “If it looks like it could withstand a long, hard winter at Valley Forge, I’m usually all about it. High quality and durable, those are two musts in an outfit.”

Can’t leave the pedestal without my: “Oh, my tricorne, definitely. I’m a man who loves my accessories, and a good tricorne can really pull an outfit together.”

Number one fashion do: “Don’t be afraid to put a little more powder up in that wig. More is more.”

Number one fashion don’t: “Don’t ever compromise for a hat with anything less than three corners. That being said, four is overkill.”

So gentlemen, take note. Instead of donning your Sperrys and polos this spring, experiment with a look with a little more Colonial flair. George knows he cuts an intimidatingly iconic figure that might seem tough to imitate, but he still believes that half the battle with pulling off a look like this is attitude.

“I mean, I’ve set a few trends in my time, it’s true,” he said. “Just strike a really impressive pose, and you’ll get away with basically anything.”

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