Look out for Leland in the Library!

By The Elm - Mar 29,2014@11:28 am

By Courtney Thurston
The One Who Pays Them

What could be more startling than discovering a recent alumnus living in the basement of the Miller Library? Try the graduate’s reason behind his shocking return. For nearly three months, recent graduate Leland Fiegel went unnoticed amid the other students. It wasn’t until he attempted to buy a sandwich from the new Library café using his old ID card, that he was found. He was escorted off the premises. Several students and library staff members were on the scene of the time of incident.

“I was in line behind him when he produced his card and the barista tried to swipe it, but it wouldn’t work. She tried several times before realizing the card was dead. After that, Leland got nervous and tried to pay for his sandwich in cash, but the barista left in a rush. When she returned she had a faculty member with her,” freshman William P. Tinkerdoodle III said.

When we caught up with the barista that was there, Mariah Jackson, she said “It was so odd. Each day he could come in and get a sandwich and a chocolate milk, but I really didn’t think any of it. He’d always pay in cash. I honestly thought the kid was a student here still.”

Fiegel had been a trusted reporter and an extremely reliable website editor for the paper. He managed to complete all sorts of feats for the paper including racing their boat alongside the then Editor-in-Chief Maegan Clearwood in the Fall Family Weekend boat race. When asked why he returned so unexpectedly Fiegel said, “For awhile things were really great in DC. I had a solid friend group, I found a really great bar scene, and I got to see my dog everyday. I had the life. Even still, something felt like it was missing. I had to be honest with my self, there was a gaping hole in my heart. My friends, all those bars, and that puppy of mine just wasn’t enough.”

Upon graduating Fiegel had landed a job designing a website for a non-profit organization. “I realized one night, while looking through Facebook, that it was the Elm I missed. I saw The Elm make a status, and I knew instantly that I wasn’t done with The Elm and she wasn’t done with me,” he said. “I left that night,” he added. One would think that three months of hiding in a basement would have been hard to manage. Several questions arose in regards to how Fiegel managed to pull it off. We wanted to know how long he planned to stay, why he chose to hide, and what made him choose the library?

“I at first wanted to stay in the Sears Publication House, but I heard about their new schedule so I couldn’t exactly track when the house would be empty. The next place I figured would be the library. It’s open late and there was food and coffee all at an arm’s reach. For the first couple of weeks I was really nervous about it.”

Fiegel dragged the beanbag chair into the farthest corner of the library basement, where he would sleep. He came across several challenges while staying in the library. “I had between stacks from housekeepers and faculty. I think I have sinus infection because of all of the dust, and I’ll be honest the floor and beanbag chair aren’t very comfortable.”

After the alumnus was arrested, Public Safety turned him over to Elm’s Faculty advisor Melissa McIntire. She then had a talk with The Elm staff and the Board of Publications to decide what to do with Fiegel. “I was so embarrassed when I got the call. But there’s just something about that Leland. He’s so charming it’s hard to stay mad at him. Nearly impossible,” McIntire said.

What’s next for Fiegel, “The Board of Pubs graciously decided so long as I earn my keep. Just call me the Pub House cat.”

Fiegel was allowed to stay on the condition that he paid rent. “Hey we need funding, and saw an opportunity,” McIntire said.

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