Stuck Trying to Figure out the Holy Grail of Attractiveness? Worry not!

By Doctor Skells
Internet Certified Body Doctor

What is this holy grail of attractiveness, you ask?  We’re talking thigh gaps.

A thigh gap is the space that exists between a person’s thighs as they stand with their feet together, the ultimate measure of grace and femininity.

Unlike other beauty trends, this one is easy to achieve and looks natural for every body type, the realistic turn for the better in beauty standards that we’ve all been waiting for; the CDC recently said that women who maintain a thigh gap while in this age group live an average of six years longer than their gap-less peers, and are 13 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer’s later in life. This is not just a fashion; this is a change in lifestyle that, if begun in young adulthood, can have lasting health benefits.

Aside from the health paybacks, the thigh gap is a guaranteed way to boost your attractiveness. Forget the naysayers who bemoan the passing of old body image standards, those caught in nostalgia for the days when the image of full-figured Venus was the ideal. The thigh gap is the future. People today want a woman who looks as if she would topple from a slight breeze. This is the new epitome of femininity, and the thigh gap is a sign that you’ve achieved it.

While very few people have the thigh gap naturally (as a result of their bone structure), fear not: there are still some steps you can take to have it. One possible route is to exercise during as many of your waking hours as you can spare, focusing on moves that tone the thighs. Another popular method is to keep a volleyball wedged between your legs so that gradually your legs will adhere to this shape. Some people prefer to walk and stand with their legs always apart. If all else fails, corrective skeletal surgery can surely give you the look you desire.

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