A Final Snapshot: Photo Editor Says Goodbye

By Katie Despeaux
Outgoing Photo Editor

Photography has always been about capturing the perfect moment, at the perfect time. Lighting always plays a role, as well as all of the other uncontrollable factors within a frame. The challenge has always been being able to adapt to the environment and produce something beautiful from what you’re given. It’s actually a great metaphor for life and every project I’ve ever found myself in, just like being Photo Editor this past year. This job was a leap of faith and a lot of fun. I hope that you all have enjoyed the efforts that I and my wonderful photographers have put into every single issue. We’ve enjoyed running around campus all year, photographing your events, your games, and your moments. I will remember this experience and always will love looking back to our experiences here together, as I hope you will too. Thank you for everything this past year, it’s been a lot of fun.

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