Dining Services Offers Meals-To-Go

By Adam Bechtold
Elm Staff Writer


It has been a campus request for some time now, and we are finally seeing it happen: Dining services now offers preordered meals to go. So far, only weekend breakfasts are available, but there are more of these convenient carry-out options soon to come.

Students can go online and order a boxed breakfast to go, for Saturday or Sunday morning, and can be picked up at Java George. Orders can be placed online by Monday through Thursday. Included in this box would be the choice of bagel, breakfast pastry, or cereal along with a piece of whole fruit as well as bottled water or fruit juice.

“We are always taking the feedback from guests and trying to develop new ways to meet their needs,” said Janelle Craft, director of Dining Services. “This program came to be after a student request for an earlier option on the weekend that they [could] take to go to meet their schedule.  This spring we were able to get the system in place, so all the pieces came together and we launched the program.”

When students returned from Spring Break, the dining hall has launched boxed lunches. The boxed lunches are prepared by Hodson employees and contain a sandwich, whole fruit, granola bar, cookie, and bottled water.

The online ordering page for these meals on the move can be found from Dining Service site (www.dineoncampus.com/wc) by clicking on the “Catering” tab and selecting “Order Online.” From here, students can select “boxed breakfasts” and will be guided through the ordering process .

Orders need to be placed by noon on Thursdays for pick up that weekend between 8 and 10 a.m. Dining Hall employees prepare the meals the day before pick up.

According to Craft, boxed lunches work in a different way than boxed breakfasts. Instead of filling out a form online, guests can simply fill out a form at the register.

“This program is primarily for students who have internships and are unable to attend lunch. We also offer the Green to Go boxes, but we encourage guests to dine in the Dining Hall,” said Craft.

She also said that Dining Services are working on an online ordering option for lunch and dinner at Mondo’s Subs and Martha’s Kitchen. Guests will be able to place their order online and then simply pick it up and enjoy.  In order to participate, guests must have a Washington College ID and set up an account so they can pay by meal exchange or dining dollars.

As of April 4, there have been about ten Boxed Breakfasts made. According to Craft, this was expected, since it seems to be used with student athletes and interns on the go.

“Guests prefer the all-you-care-to-eat option,” she said. “We knew that the boxed breakfasts would only be in place for the needs of a small group.”

Meals are packaged on Friday and put into the cooler at Java George. This is why, said Director of Dining Services Zena Maggitti, requests such as having bagels toasted are not accepted. There is, however, a toaster available for students to use.

These meals were created as a direct response to requests by students for an earlier breakfast time. Opening the Dining Hall at these times, Maggitti said, is simply not possible. The need, however, seems at least partially satisfied for the time being by this alternate solution.

Maggitti also can be contacted by email with any questions, concerns, or recommendations regarding this or other dining options. she said that she and her team “value all feedback, positive or negative.” This attitude is reflected through this most recent accommodation which answers two predominate requests of the campus: earlier dining and expedited food to go.

Additional reporting by Katie Tabeling.

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