Elm Roots

By Sam Gross
Senior Writer

82 years ago: April 23, 1932

• “Orchestra and Glee Clubs Plan Concert”—The Girl’s Glee Club, the Men’s Glee Club, and the orchestra of Washington College will give a joint concert at William Smith Hall on Thurs. May 19. The Girls’ Glee Club will feature a scene in costume from Gilbert and Sullivan Comic Opera, “Mikado.”

• “Protest against Donning Coats”— The sentiment against all male students to wear coats for the evening meal in the college commons was so strongly expressed in a meeting of the male members of the four classes held in William Smith Hall on Thurs. Apr. 21, that President Oliver E. Robinson discontinued all plans to adopt such a ruling.

• “Las Cotillion Held Last Night”— As though tired of old age, the College held its Sesqui-centennial Class Prom in the College’s gymnasium Fri. evening with a lack of spirit that even the St. Louis blues could not revive. It was the fifth and last dance held under the auspices of the 1832 Cotillion Club.

• “Colonial Dances will be Feature of June Ball”— To bring back the College campus color, the life, and some of the personages of the College’s brilliant colonial period is the ultimate aim of the various committees under the direction of President Titsworth, who is guiding plans for the Sesqui-centennial and Bicentennial Celebrations.


63 years ago: April 20, 1951

• “Plans for Summer School Announced”—Plans for the 1951 summer school session were announced this week in a special bulletin issued by the College, and now available to all students in the Registrar’s Office. This is designed to provide immediate entrance into college work for students graduating from high school.

• “W.C. Players Progress on Final Production”— The Washington Players are advancing rapidly on their coming production, “The Man Who came to Dinner,” according to Mrs. Winifred Opgrande, advisor to the group. This presentation which will take place on Thurs. and Fri. winds up the 32nd season for the theatrical group on the hill.

• “Snack Bar Night Opening Delayed”— Unforeseen complications developed to prevent the scheduled night opening of the Snack Bar under ODK auspices last Mon.

• “He Gets Things Done”— After a long debate with himself, the Editor-in-Chief of the Elm has decided to use the editorial space to publicly back one of the candidates for next year’s Senior class. This candidate is Jim Haebel.


39 years ago: April 24, 1975

• “The Tenure Process: an Individual Case Study”— The subject of faculty tenure, like that of college financial policy, is usually not one which is visited by any great outpourings of student sentiment, at least at the decision-making end. Though the general tenure of faculty is certainly of prime importance to any education institution, students here are most often content to ignore such matters as hiring and firing.

• “Criticism Voiced against Honorary Degrees Procedure”— The Honorary Degrees Committee, which nominates and elects candidates scheduled to receive honorary degrees during the convocation exercises, has recently been the recipient of much criticism. Questions have been raised as to the actual amount of student input and suggestion incorporated into the selection of a convocation speaker, who has traditionally been presented with an honorary degree.

• “Administration Rules to Expel Samson”— Paul Samson, Senior Chemistry major, was officially expelled from the College on Apr. 10. Samson appealed the decision who decided last week not to overturn the original decision. A native of Bombay India, Samson is charged with breaking and entering into the Dining Hall.

• “Poetry Fair”— The campus will be the site of a Poetry Fair this weekend. Fifty students from college in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware will be on campus Friday afternoon until Sunday to attend a series of lectures, films, and readings. Selected students from WC and other schools will also be giving readings from their own works throughout the weekend.


18 years ago: April 26, 1996

• “Porch at East Burns, Cause Unknown”— On Mon., Apr. 23, the campus echoed with the sirens of the Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company, as they came out in full force to fight a smoldering, smoky fire on the porch of East Hall. Gathered outside the building, some out of choice, to witness the most excitement the campus had all week, and some out of necessity, as the East Hall students were drive from their dorm rooms by the smoke.

• “Appeal Process Continues in Russell Case”— The Appeals Committee began work on Dr. David Russell’s appeal on Mar. 26 and has been working on his case since then, meeting at least twice a week. Although The Elm tried to contact some of the committee members for an interview, no information of Russell’s case was given because of the confidentiality of the process.

• “Man Carrying Ammunition Apprehended at Caroline Party”— A man was apprehended Sat., Apr. 13 carrying a loaded magazine for an automatic weapon. The man was not a student at the College, but had arrived on campus in order to attend a party on the third floor of Caroline Dormitory sponsored by the newly formed Caroline House Council.

• “Racist Party Policies with Public Safety?”—I was at a party last weekend in Caroline, and it was interrupted several times by Public safety. I have attended several parties on this campus, and Public Safety has never been nearly as visible in any of the white-run parties on this campus as they were on Sat. This was the first Black party on this campus this semester, and every 10 minutes, P.S. was there.

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