Farewell from our Editor-in-Chief

By The Elm - Apr 24,2014@4:02 pm

By Kay Wicker

Only at a school like Washington College can someone start out with zero journalism experience and finish as Editor-in-Chief. My four years here have shown me time and time again that so long as you are willing to learn, the world is willing to teach you. I owe this fundamental lesson chiefly to my time at The Elm.

My very first assignment was an exciting challenge that introduced me to a realm I never considered a possibility. I was shy and horribly inexperienced, yet my first editors, Maegan Clearwood and Lindsay Haislip, were patient and helpful mentors that saw me not only to becoming editor of my own section but all the way to EIC. I couldn’t have dreamed of better mentors than the two of them. By the end of my sophomore year I felt like I had really found my niche. The further I climbed up The Elm the more faces I was blessed to meet. Our faculty advisor, Melissa McIntire, is a hidden gem of this campus. I’m so grateful and blessed to have had the pleasure of working as closely with her as I did. There are some people you encounter who show you how to be a good person; she’s definitely that.

I have to thank my staff, both the staffers that were under my jurisdiction as Lifestyle Editor, and the staff as a whole. They have made my tenure as Editor nearly painless. I have been able to trust them with their sections and learn from them. We truly operate as a team because we function as a family. Thank you for the laughs, words of encouragement, and friendship I’ll cherish forever. For each of you, Megan, Katie (Tabeling), Amanda, Grace, Katie (Despeaux), Otto, Mike, Christian, Kim, and Taylor, the best is yet to come. I also want to extend a final thank you to the student body for being the whole reason behind what we do. By giving us your feedback, be it verbal or in the form of a formal letter, you hold us accountable. Not only do you provide the stories that we write on but you inspire us to produce the best publication we can. If we didn’t have such an active campus we wouldn’t have such rich content each week.

The real magic of the school is in the ease a person has if they cross between disciplines. I started working for Gibson Crew my sophomore year under Larry Stahl who truly is an indispensable member of the faculty. Stahl creates and promotes a safe and patient environment, it is rare for someone to feel insecure in trying something they’ve never done before. I think I’ll miss his jokes most.

I’m going to miss walking down to the waterfront with friends on a sunny day. I’m going to miss those amazing nights when all I did was spend it laughing in a friend’s dorm. I’m going to miss running into my favorite professors and sharing a few kind words. I’m going to miss the Lit House and her lovely old books. I’m going to miss the Green and all the things it hosts. I’m going to miss this place because it did become a home and my friends, a family. Of course, I’m going to miss The Elm.

For the ones that will remain, take comfort in knowing that The Elm will be left in good hands. Paige Kube and her rising staff of editors have been training vigorously and are eager to get started. Watching them and their excitement reminds me of when I was a freshman eager to start college, and here I am writing my goodbye. I have to admit, I’m not saddened by this fact. It excites me. I’m leaving here with not only some of the best memories made but a true direction for my life, and for that I cannot begin to thank The Elm or this campus enough.

The Elm

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