By Grace Arenas
Outgoing Lifestyle Editor

With all the 20-page papers and serious class assignments I’ve had to do over my four years here at WC, I’ve been so grateful to write for and edit the Lifestyle section of The Elm. Getting to write about fashion and single out stylish Shoremen in the Chic Choice pieces has been a much-needed dose of fun in a hectic schedule. There have been a ton of other bonuses to this job as well: working with some of my closest friends, learning new skills, and seeing the Lifestyle writers get better and better with each issue.

I’ve been on staff since my freshman year and have gotten to explore a few different sides of The Elm. I started out writing for News, moved on to copy editing, and then writing for Lifestyle before I became editor. I’ve had the benefit each year of working with amazing people, and they are of course what I’ll miss most of all after graduating. They made every late layout night worth it.

Thanks so much to everyone who has read and responded to The Elm over the years, to my fellow editors, to our wonderful advisor, and most especially to my writers who have been so good about turning in quality work this past year—you guys are the greatest.

Stay stylish everyone, and good luck to next year’s editors.

The Elm

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In case you have missed it

In case you have missed it