News at a Glance

By Caitlin Steele
Elm Staff Writer

1. Humans are not the only ones who like to do kinky things; dolphins like to have their fun, too. But, they are not immune from having people “walk in on them” and ruin the moment. Australian celebrity vet, Dr. Chris Brown, ruined such a moment when he accidentally interrupted a dolphin orgy. Brown was filming a segment for the show “The Living Room” by swimming with the animals. He sang a high pitched sound to call the dolphins to him. “Either they are here because of my call or they are here to tell me to ‘shut the hell up’,” he said in the clip. He only realized when he watched the film that they were all mating. So they were actually yelling at him “Go away, no one invited you to this orgy!” (The Independent)

2. One would usually expect to find a large lizard wandering around Florida, but that was not the case this past week. A crocodile was caught wandering around a mall in Roseville, Calif. The crocodile was most likely abandoned outside of the mall by someone who did not want it anymore because it was too big. Its jaws were duck taped together and a note was attached to it identifying it as a Nile Crocodile and advising them to “call rescue.” Poor abandoned crocodile; maybe he just wanted a little retail therapy after being so unwanted. (The Miami Herald)

3. A nursing home in New York is being sued for having a stripper party in the residence. Bernice Youngblood, 85, and her family are suing for the nursing home for forcing Youngblood to attend the event and be a victim of “disgraceful sexual perversion.” Youngblood does not remember much other than feeling “terrible” and “ashamed.” Her son only realized the event occurred when he found a picture in his mother’s drawer of a resident watching a male stripper gyrate in front of her and her placing money in his waistband. The nursing home’s attorney says that the 16-member community voted to have the event and the home paid for it. For all Youngblood’s family knows, she could have loved the event and was treasuring the found memory with the picture. As an older woman, she knows to appreciate the finer things in life, like a fine chiseled body of a stripper. (ABC News)

4. There are aliens on Mars! Well, that is what UFO fans hope as they overanalyze a weird light flash on Mars Curiosity rover’s pictures. It is most definitely a pixel drop out but those at and UFO Sightings Daily are taking the photo for all its worth. The picture looks like a beacon lighting up on a distant Martian hillside and has many people wondering if it really is just a photographic mistake. But it is most definitely a technical mistake. Sorry, there is no life on Mars sneakily communicating with Curiosity through distant blinking lights. It would have come and said hi by now and maybe given the rover a little kick off its lawn. (NBC News)

5. A woman was spotted in London leading her pet around on a leash. The odd thing is that her pet was a grown man in business attire. Pictures that bystanders took show the woman calmly leading the man around the city with a leash and collar. Neither person has been identified and no one knows if it was a stunt, promotion, a joke, or just some kinky fun. (Huffington Post)

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