PS Enforces Public Parking Regs

By Jack Hunt
Elm Staff Writer

Students would often park along Campus Avenue, but due to recent complaints from town residents, Public Safety has begun ticketing student vehicles.

In an e-mail sent to all faculty, staff and students of Washington College, it was announced that there would be stricter enforcement of parking regulations on the residential streets south of Campus Avenue.  The streets listed include Mt. Vernon Avenue, Greenwood Avenue, and the eastern section of Campus Avenue.

“Most of the parking spaces on the street were constantly being taken,” said Allison Davis. Davis is a junior and a resident of Mt. Vernon Avenue.  “Students and staff felt it was an acceptable place to park.”

According to Davis, the curbs have been clogged with too many vehicles. Some residents became upset over students speeding on the street and disrupting the flow of traffic.

WC drivers were taking spaces that most of the neighbors considered to be resident-only parking. For many years, residents have been generous with allowing students living on the street to have their friends park their cars along the curbs but their patience seems to have run out.

According to WC Public Safety’s web page, students are not allowed, by law, to park on the aforementioned streets unless they are also residents of the street.

“The College has no authority over these spaces and cannot intercede with Town authorities on behalf of individuals who park illegally and receive citations,” reads the web page. Chestertown authorities will be issuing tickets more frequently now that the issue has gained this much attention.

Sydney Brooks, the Chestertown Parking Enforcement Officer, was the spokesperson for the town in this issue. She made the announcement that residents were dissatisfied with the arrangement as it had been operating previously.

The parking situation around WC is part of a wave of attention being given to parking in the Chestertown area, as the town has been experimenting with some new parking ideas, and residents are beginning to feel the effects of the College’s expansion into the community.

Since the enforcement that was announced April 1, parking in the neighborhoods has been easier for residents. “Fewer cars have been parked there, and they have been issuing tickets to people who keep parking on the street,” said Zoe Schneider, a junior who lives on Mt. Vernon.

In a campus-wide email, Director of Public Safety sent on April 1, Jerry Roderick said, “The West side of Campus Avenue which runs along the John S. Toll Science Center is available for student, faculty, and staff parking. Enforcement of the Chestertown residential parking code will be increased this week.”

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