SGA Corner: 4/8

By Katie Tabeling
News Editor

• After the Senate returned from committee break, the Organizations Committee announced that they did not recommend the approval of Dia de Futbol club due to fact that multiple other clubs already support the event.

• In a motion to approve the Dia de Futbol club, discussion was opened for new business. In support of approval, Dia de Futbol would not request a budget. Opposed to the approval, it was argued that Dia de Futbol is an annual event rather than a club, and could get funds from the Spanish Club. The Originations Committee does not want to base a club on a single event.

• The representative of the proposed club explained that they would be interested in more events, as Dia de Futbol is a community event with a high turnout rate. The idea is to support community outreach, fundraising, additional events that can be at the level of Dia de Futbol.

• Financial controller Katie Young said, “Spanish Club, Portuguese Club, and Spanish Society all budget specifically for this event as their collaborative event.” Young suggested that the clubs could form a committee.

• All Senators agreed that the event has merit, but it would be less complicated if they just worked together with the other groups. The motion to approve Dia de Futbol did not pass.

• In Non-Senatorial Open Forum, it was announced there will be a shuttle bus to Wilmington on Friday, April 18. The shuttle will also return Sunday, April 20. Registration is available on WebAdvisor.

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After what seemed like an endless winter, spring has finally sprung at Washington College. Students took advantage of the warm weather and enjoyed the sun while studying or playing frisbee on The Green.
By Rosie Mujica

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