Admissions Going Global

By Lydia Lion
Elm Staff Writer

This year Washington College Admissions hope to attract more students from across the country and around the world. In doing so, they have sent admission counselors to the Middle East, India,and the western United States.

Aundra Weissert, associate driector of admissions said “…[the Admissions Department] now have a full-time counselor in California, a counselor dedicated to the South…Our travel this year also includes the Midwest, the southwest, and international locations.”

When Admissions expands their reach to different parts of the globe and country, they are able to contact more people and teach them about the WC community.  This in turn, diversifies the existing community.

A new sign was recently installed outside of the Casey Academic Center where the Admissions Office is located.
A new sign was recently installed outside of the Casey Academic Center where the Admissions Office is located.

Weissert was the admissions counselor assigned to California when senior Dominic Lathos was applying to colleges. He said “I researched schools around Washington DC for programs that had great international studies departments because I wanted to be a diplomat…I went on ten visits to ten different schools. I wanted to come to WC because the my visit and tour made me feel more comfortable at this college than on any other campus.” Lathos is from Pleasanton, Calif.

Shiv Rambarran, an admissions counselor, works with prospective applicants from the Middle East and South Asia. “My primary objective is to increase the enrollment of international students, specifically from south Asia, and the Middle East…” Rambarran said that international students look for the same thing in a school that domestic students do. “Students worldwide are looking for an educational experience that they can customize to their own goals and aspirations. To some that means a top-notch liberal arts education, to others it may mean the small class sizes and tremendous support from faculty,” he said.

In the past few years, travel has also increased for the Admissions Department.  Vice President Satyajit Dattagupta has been traveling to India for WC for the past two years. Shiv Rambarran is not only doing domestic travels this year, but also spending a week in the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

Senior Associate Director of International and Transfer students, Tony Littlefield, explains how WC helps international students not only learn about WC, but also about similar schools. “WC is also represented at major international education conferences, where we meet with our college counseling counterparts from international schools.  We also send messages and materials to students who indicate an interest in attending WC or similar colleges here in the States,” Littlefield said.

WC is not only about making the admissions process easier for international students, but also about finding the best possible liberal arts education for them. The admissions counselors want to make the admissions process as easy as possible for all students who apply. As the admissions department reaches out to international students, our campus becomes more diversified.

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