Back to WAC: Ford ‘14 Brings Passion to New Job

By Rosie Alger
Elm Staff Writer

Recent grad Kellyanne Ford, 2014, was hired this fall as the first assistant director of Student Activities. Although this year marks the start of her time in this position, she is far from new to Washington College.

As a member of the Class of 2014, Ford has been constantly active at WC since her graduation last May. “A week after graduating, I jumped right in as the orientation programming assistant,” she said.

In that position, Ford planned events for this year’s freshman orientation and organized peer mentor groups and activities.

Ford has always been an active member at WC, even from the start of her first-year. In addition to being heavily involved on campus, Ford also graduated with a psychology degree and sociology minor. “I was involved in the Student Events Board since my freshman year,” she said, moving up to become vice president and eventually president during her senior year.

She was also involved in many other activities and organizations on campus during her time at WC, including being a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and a peer mentor.

Kellyanne Ford smiles in the Office of Student Affairs as its new assistant director.
Kellyanne Ford smiles in the Office of Student Affairs as its new assistant director.

Ford’s new role on campus is a completely new position, and she is the first to take on the job. After Beth Anne Langrell, the past director of Student Development, left last year, the office was in great need of a replacement. According to Ford, Langrell basically, “did about 20 jobs in one.”

A temporary position came in through the summer, but after having a hard time finding someone to take on so many responsibilities, it was clear that some aspects of the job needed to be split up and delegated, and thus the new position was born.

Working with the Director of Student Activities Heather Morris, Ford will be closely involved with the student center as well as some leadership programs which Ford said, “have sort of fallen by the wayside recently, because there hasn’t been enough manpower, so that’s going to be new and I’m really excited about that.”

Ford’s love of WC is evident and hopes to provide support for students whenever they need it. She loved working in orientation programming so much that it didn’t feel like work. “If students come in and are trying to plan an event and they need help or guidance with it, I will be there to guide them,” she said.

With such a great respect and love of the WC community, Ford wanted to come back so soon after graduation and give back to the student population. She attributes this to the kind and welcoming atmosphere both on campus and around Chestertown.

“Everyone really loves WC,” Ford said, undoubtedly including herself. As such an enthusiastic member of the college community, Ford offers WC the integrity to help maintain and improve its student life.

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