Back to WAC: Obbo ‘14

By Brooke Schultz
Elm Staff Writer

Obella Obbo, a member of the Class of 2014, is back on campus working in Washington College’s Admissions Office. With a big smile and his signature bowtie, Obbo serves as a new admissions representative for most of Pennsylvania as well as a supervisor for the student ambassadors.

Obbo graduated last May with a major in psychology and a minor in creative writing and music.

As an admissions representative, he recruits prospective students from high schools in most of Pennsylvania, excluding the Philadelphia region.

Recruiting through high school visits and college fairs is just half of the job; the other half lies in connecting with prospective students to aid in their college search.

In addition to working as an admissions representative, Obbo also works as a supervisor for the student ambassador program and handles their training and scheduling.

Student ambassadors, commonly referred to as tour guides, show prospective students around campus giving them the inside scoop on life as a student. These tours give high school students a more personal touch and an opportunity to connect with a current student.

Obbo isn’t completely new to the department though. During his time at WC, he worked as a tour guide all four years. His job as a student ambassador shaped his decision to come back to WC for work.

ObellaObboBacktoWAC.byCaraKoontzDuring Obbo’s four years at WC, he said, “I was pretty involved and got to know the school more intimately.”

Obbo wasn’t just a tour guide as an undergraduate, he was also involved in several different clubs and activities: co-president of WACappella, director of mainstage events for SEB, Peer Mentor, employee of the HelpDesk, and intern at the Uppershore Community Mental Health Clinic in Chestertown.

On Obbo’s faculty page, he said, “As a recent graduate of Washington College, I can say with the utmost confidence that this education has changed my life.”

Through his series of different internships and clubs he was a part of, Obbo knows the college inside and out. He can share the intricacies that make WC so special with potential students.

Obbo, like other alumni that have returned to campus, agreed that it was WC’s atmosphere that pushed him to come back to the WC community. He summed it up nicely with three words. “I love WC,” he said.


Photo by Cara Koontz

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