Chic Choice: Alex Levy ‘15

By Matt Ridge
Elm Staff Writer

This week’s Chic Choice was surprisingly hard to stumble upon. Looking around campus, the fashion that seems to be dominating this time of year is that of a comfortable, relaxed style. But are these relaxed wardrobe choices an effort to look good or to simply be cozy? In a world where comfort usually means sacrificing looking fashionable, there is one who manages to make both look effortless.

Senior Alex Levy’s laid-back style shows that looking good doesn’t always mean you can’t be comfortable. It’s no secret that everyone has those outfits that you save for the days where getting out of bed seems like the hardest thing in the world. Some pieces of clothing reserved for this occasion usually include over-sized sweaters, sweat pants, slip-on shoes, and, for the ladies, leggings. But there’s nothing wrong with pairing these items with the right accessories and calling it an outfit. Levy would argue that this outlook is the only way to dress.

What she’s wearing: For pants, Levy chose a pair of light grey chinos that stop at the ankle, a plain black shirt, a chambray button-up to go over the black, and tan Rainbow flip-flops.

Where she got it: Though she could not remember exactly, the pants “probably came from a department store,” the black shirt is from H&M, and the chambray is actually a men’s button up from Urban Outfitters.

Why she chose it: “Honestly,” said Levy, “I had very few clothes to match this weather. I tried to dress in layers. I’m well prepared for hot summer days and the dead of winter, but I have nothing for the in-between.”

Style Inspiration: Some may be surprised to learn that Levy’s biggest style inspiration is her mother. “Continually, I try to emulate my mother” she said. “To me, she is the most beautiful person in the world. She’s a very preppy person, but I would not call myself preppy.” Levy’s style is very effortless while remaining subdued. When she isn’t looking to her mother for influence, she says she finds inspiration for style in “every European woman I’ve ever met.”

Can’t leave the dorm without: Her watch, which is a perfectly shined golden color, is one accessory she says no outfit is complete without. Having gotten the watch recently as a gift from her mother for her 21st birthday, the watch proves very special to Levy. She also never takes off her pewter band, which is as simple as it sounds; a thin silver bracelet placed below her watch on her arm. “The watch is newer,” explains Levy, “I’ve worn the pewter band for a while so I forget it’s there.” Levy also mentioned her toe ring, which she says she could “never leave [her room] without.”

Number one fashion tip?: “Wear what’s comfortable. I’m so over wearing dresses that make you want to die. Don’t wear it if you’re uncomfortable.”

Favorite Fashion Era: “I don’t like it on me, but I love the cuts and colors of 1940s dresses. I love all of that.”

How would you describe your style: “I don’t think I adopt one style. Every year I change it,” said Levy, but then reiterates that she continually tries to be like her mother.


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