Chic Choice, Professor Edition: Dr. Casado

By Hailli Woo
Lifestyle Editor

Here at Washington College, we see many different styles gracing our campus.  There is the typical “lazy look” all the way to the “preppy look”.  The purpose of Chic Choice is to unveil the many looks of our beautiful campus.

Spanish professor, Dr. Cristina Casado Presa is a self- proclaimed feminist who loves fashion.  Bringing her spontaneous and vibrant style to the USA from Spain is what makes her this week’s Chic Choice.

“I love to mix and match because to me, clothes are a way of expressing who you are and how you feel” said DR. Casado. “I think that the best thing about my style is that, as a working woman, I prove that I have the same level of professionalism and the will of doing my best either if I am wearing a funky skirt or a black suit.”

What she’s wearing: Satin black dress shirt accented with a pin, green bubble skirt, and simple black pumps.

Where does Dr. Casado buy her spunky wardrobe? “My favorite store in the USA is Urban Outfitters.  I am from Spain and I buy a lot of my clothes there.”

Her favorite brands: Desigual and Zara

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