Domestic Violence in the NFL

By Hailli Woo
Lifestyle Editor

Sports have been shaken up these past few weeks, especially in Maryland. Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles has been suspended for 25 games due to amphetamine use, and Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens has been suspended indefinitely from the National Football League (NFL) and subsequently had his contract terminated with the Super Bowl XLVII champion team for domestic violence.  The NFL has seen this issue repeatedly in the past in many different forms.  The question that seems to be the topic of discussion is: were the Baltimore Ravens in the right for releasing Rice?

The violence between Rice and his then fiancée Janay Palmer surfaced in April 2014.  The only proof of animosity was Rice dragging Palmer out of the elevator at a hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  The punishment given then was a two game suspension. Just a couple of weeks ago, TMZ released a shocking video of Rice striking Palmer in the face and immediately knocking her unconscious.

Now, if anyone thinks that the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens are wrong for letting Rice go, my only words to them are that you need to be mentally evaluated.  As a young woman, I feel that it is very important that we get equal representation. Whether Palmer wanted it or not, the NFL was actually doing its job by punishing Rice for a very serious infraction.

Reports have surfaced that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell never requested the video surveillence inside of the elevator the night that Rice attacked his fiancee.
Reports have surfaced that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell never requested the video surveillence inside of the elevator the night that Rice attacked his fiancee.

It was later released that Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, had known about the new footage months ago and failed to report it to anyone.  That is the biggest mistake he could have ever made.  Goodell will now forever have feminists and domestic violence victims and supporters hunting him down.  I am most certainly one of the haters because nothing that detrimental should ever be kept under wraps.  This looks poorly upon Goodell and the Ravens and only ends up hurting more people.  If all of this chaos had been handled in one swoop, the situation would be very different today.

I believe that if the NFL had been this strict when Ben Roethlisberger was in trouble for accusations of rape and when Ray Lewis was accused of murder, the number of these horrid actions would be greatly decreased. Now that the NFL has given proper consequences to offenders, I believe it will solve many issues.  The most recent NFL case is the abuse charges against Minnesota Vikings player Adrian Peterson.  The Minnesota running back was abusing his child, and it went so far that the child showed photos of the scars and bruises that were left. Peterson has been in trouble in previous years for abusing other children as well.  Peterson is not allowed to participate in practice or competition until the case is over.

These punishments are holding the men accountable for their actions and it needs to be a continued practice.  If sports teams in all jurisdictions made each person accountable, there would be less and less violence.  The violence that has been occurring makes the person look bad, it makes their team look bad, and it makes the whole sport look bad.  By punishing these men justly, the commissioner is doing his job, and making sure that their business still looks good and runs well.

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