Falling Out of Summer: New Trends Hit the Scene for Men

By Matt Ridge
Elm Staff Writer

Making the transition from summer fashion to fall fashion can be tough. Is it still okay to wear a Hawaiian shirt? When should I stop wearing shorts? Are flip-flops still acceptable? Are flannels okay to wear yet? The amount of questions you can have is limitless; but guys, I’m here to help. With just a few simple tips I’ll go over the basic “dos & don’ts” for this weird in between period of the fashion world. A time where people can tell (just by looking at the type of flower on your floral print shirt) if you have style or if you are clueless.

I will start off by saying that September is the last month where things that are pegged exclusively summer are still acceptable. Things like beachy, tropical shirts and button-ups probably shouldn’t be worn once we’ve hit the middle of the month. Shorts are your choice. If you don’t feel the weather is cold enough for long pants then rock those shorts you love so much. Unless they’re cargo shorts. If they are, I’m going to have to recommend you get rid of them because they’re highly out of style and impractical; you don’t need that many pockets, I promise. Shorts with tropical designs should also be avoided after we’ve entered the month of September. Tank tops, sadly, go by the same rules that shorts do. Even if you live by the “suns out, guns out” policy, the temperature will soon make you rethink your lifestyle. This, of course, does not apply to gym wear, which is an entirely different way of dressing.

When it comes to long pants, fall is a great time to experiment with darker colors that you’ve been avoiding for the past few months. If colored pants seems like a foreign concept to you, I recommend you try purchasing a pair of deep maroon pants to get yourself started. They are extremely fashionable this time of year and will look great when paired with a dark colored top. If you do go with the maroon pants approach, however, I’m going to recommend you buy a slim or skinny style. Baggy pants in general are something you should avoid, but don’t take this as me saying you should wear skin tight pants because you should wear pants that fit you no matter what. I mention baggy pants as a “no-no” simply because they are gradually going out of style.

There aren’t too many limitations I can think of involving shoes. Flip-flops are for warm weather and shouldn’t really be worn with long pants. Not to keep beating this point to the ground, but flip-flops should especially not be worn with baggier pants. Other than that shoes are pretty much your choice. Boots are a great way to show people that you’re trying a little harder on your outfit because you could be wearing sneakers. In fact, I would even go as far as saying boots are a fall fashion essential, but I may just be partial because I’m a boot lover myself. Try pairing some black boots with those maroon pants I mentioned earlier. You’ll be thanking me later.

I give you these tips but must include a disclaimer: your style is your style. I’m here to let you know what is ‘in’ and what isn’t. No matter what you wear, even if it goes against everything I have said, feel confident in it. If you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing odds are people will be able to tell. Love what you wear and bring along an attitude that shows you’re proud of your look. That’s what really matters. (For real though, please don’t wear those cargo shorts.)

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