Get Acquainted With WC’s New Freshmen Class

By Catalina Righter and Emily Harris
News Editors

Washington College students are a diverse bunch, coming from all across the nation and all over the world. Now that the semester has officially begun, it is time to learn more about WC’s newest additions, the Class of 2018.

422 new students joined Goose Nation this year, and the girls rule the group. Fifty-eight percent of freshman are female, while 42 percent are male.

First year students traveled from 16 different countries to arrive at WC, and 23 different states including Hawaii, Texas, Utah, Washington and California. The top five states new students call home are Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and New York.

Orientation may have been a time for fun, but now it’s time for students to hunker down in the library and bury their noses in books. The most popular majors among the freshman class are business management, psychology, biology and English.

No matter where they are from or what they study, give a warm WC welcome to the new faces on campus.


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