Going Greek: Which Will You Choose?

By Allison Davis
Elm Staff Writer

For eligible men at Washington College, fraternity rush is right around the corner with Fall rush events beginning this week. Any male that has been at WC for two semesters and holds at least a 2.5 grade point average is eligible to rush for membership in one of the four fraternities on-campus: Kappa Alpha Order, Kappa Sigma, Phi Delta Theta, and Theta Chi.

The rush process is kicked off by a fraternity information session on Thursday, Sept. 11. The presidents of each fraternity will attend, along with members of the Interfraternity Council to answer any questions about Greek Life and the rush process.

On Friday, Sept. 12, there will be a Meet the Greeks cookout in the quad to get to know the brothers in each fraternity.

The rush process will start on Sunday, Sept. 14 where all the interested students will have the opportunity to visit each fraternity and learn more about the organizations.

Typically, the fraternities will have a short presentation and the men who are rushing will travel to each house staying only about 20 minutes with each group. Theta Chi will be in the lobby of the Casey Academic Center.

After the informal rush session, invitations are extended by each fraternity to invite men back to their formal rush night. Men who receive invitations can go to any event to which they are invited. Because the formal rush night is a longer event, the brothers take the time to get to know all interested men on an individual basis.

Following each formal night, the fraternities will decide to whom they would like to extend a bid. The president of the fraternity will give the bids to Heather Morris, the director of Student Activities and overseer of Greek Life. These bids will then be sent out via campus mail, so that any male who attended a formal rush night should check their mailboxes in the afternoon around 1 p.m.

Upon receiving his formal bid invitation, the guy has until 4p.m. to accept the invitation, decline it, or defer. A student can choose to defer for many reasons. If more time is needed to decide, they have that option to think about the bid before accepting or declining.

Typically, fall pledge classes are smaller than spring pledge classes. IFC Rush Chair, junior Connor Thomas, was a member of a fall pledge class. He said, “One of the biggest issues that arises is that guys who do fall rush are already involved around campus.”

Thomas said, “Make sure that you can make the time commitment to add Greek Life.”

However, he was also happy with his decision to rush in the fall. Some people that come out to the events have never thought about rushing before, and some people know which fraternity they want. Every year, Thomas said, “It’s a mixed bag.”

If there are any questions, concerns, or issues that arise at any point throughout the week, the members of the IFC are there to help. A student that is going through the rush process can always talk to the president of IFC, senior Alex Lucas, or any members of the executive board. In addition, the president of each fraternity is available to answer questions or help out in any way possible.

“Rushing is completely non-committal that allows…[potential new members] to learn more about the fraternities on campus and get to know some of the members of Greek Life,” Lucas said.

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