Hero of the Week

By Emma Buchman
Opinion Editor

Kicking off a new column to Opinion Section is this week’s hero, Pope Francis. formerly known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Since he took over for Benedict XVI in March 2013, the pope has taken the world by storm. While his views are not what one could call ‘liberal,’ the pope has consistently emphasized the practicing of love and charity over persecution. According to a New York Times, article released Sept. 2013, the pope does not wish to focus on the persecution of the LGBT community, the use of birth control, or abortion. Rather, he would like to focus on the creation of a church that would be a “home for all.”

Pope Francis I emphasizes love and charity.
Pope Francis I emphasizes love and charity.

Since then the pope has not recanted his statements and has not encountered any major scandals. Throughout the time of his papacy, he has devoted much of his time to personal interactions with members of his church, the sick, the imprisoned, and the poor, and even rerouted Vatican funds that would have become bonuses for employees to be used for charity. He respects those from all walks of life, including those whose views and lifestyles do not strictly coincide with those of the Catholic Church.

Most recently, the pope made a remarkable statement during a Mass held in Tirana, Albania on Sept. 21. Albania is a country that is predominently Muslim with Catholics and Orthodox Christians as minorities. He stated that the co-existence of Muslims and Christians in the country was a “precious gift.” He also directed a message to Islamic extremists and said “To kill in the name of God is a grave sacrilege. To discriminate in the name of God is inhuman.”

The pope truly cares for his people and wishes the best for everyone. He demonstrates it in not only through his words but his actions as well, and sets a good example not just for the Christian community, but for the world-wide community as well.

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