How to Avoid the Freshman 15

By Anja Trenkwalder
Elm Staff Writer

Zumba is a popular, fast-growing new form of exercise that has innovative ways to get in shape and happens to be fun as well.  When combining dance and fitness, you are sure to work all the different areas of your body.

A hot and exciting dance-workout for everyone

This sexy and spirited workout routine from Latin America inspires women and men alike from all over the world to dance themselves into shape. Zumba is a step up from dance aerobics, that fascinates and excites with its exhilarating rhythms. It combines varied sequences of fast Latin American dance moves to motivating contemporary pop-songs, offering a challenging yet completely doable workout for both gym newbies and most advanced fitness fanatics. A great aspect is that the moves can be modified according to your desired intensity. In its more laid-back forms even children and senior citizens can get active with Zumba without too much of a strenuous physical challenge. But not only is Zumba fun and can be done by literally anyone, it is also highly effective in terms of burning off calories.

In addition, Zumba is known for very effectively triggering the so called “after-burner effect.” Just 30 minutes of intense Zumba cardio will speed up your metabolism so your body continuously burns more calories throughout the day, even if you are inactive. This can lead to healthy weight loss that is sustainable in the long term. An effective yet exciting sport, this unique program will melt those unwanted pounds right off your hips, get you active and make you fit.

Global Success with over 4 million enthusiastic followers

Zumba has been around since 1986 when it was invented by the Columbian dance and aerobics instructor Roberto Perez, who wanted to combine the two different sports into one. Today, Zumba enjoys acclaim in over 40 different countries all over the globe. There is an approximate 25,000 certified Zumba instructors, catering to over four million eager Zumba dancers. As there is also a vast variety of Zumba DVDs out there, dancers don’t even need to leave the comfort of their own four walls to get active.

Zumba is offered free on campus for all students

Washington College offers free 40-minute Zumba sessions for their students every Monday at 5:20 p.m. in the JFC’s dance studio. Classes take 40 minutes and are instructed by Aundra Weissert. They are suitable for any level of physical fitness and require no prior experience. Students are encouraged to simply drop in and join the fun; no reservation is needed. Please wear comfortable attire, athletic shoes, and don’t forget to bring your water bottle.



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