WC Nabs Three Points: Men’s soccer finished the weekend 1-1 with a 3-1 victory

By Andrew Chirico
Elm Staff Writer

The Shoremen suffered a tough defeat to St. Mary’s losing 0-2. After a great win against Gwynedd-Mercy, the team had high hopes for this matchup. So did the Seahawks having scored 12 goals in their previous game. This was WC’s first loss, but this could be a blessing in disguise for the team. Throughout the game there was positive energy among the entire team. It was hard to tell WC was down 0-2 for the duration of the match.

The Shoremen controlled play through the first 29 minutes or so. It seemed St. Mary’s was playing conservatively in the begining and trying to get a feel for the WC defense. The first period was a very physical one with many fouls called. Both teams were playing stellar defense especially in the tough situations.

This all changed when Alessandro Burlew of St. Mary’s scored the first goal for the Seahawks. Washington responded well. Senior captain Zach Stocksdale was really vocal after that goal, encouraging the team and telling them that they needed to bounce back and let that one go.

St. Mary’s was able to score another goal in the first half coming off the foot of Nick Tait. This happened around the 40th minute. Tait was able to dribble through the defense and hit the lower left corner in the goal. This would be the last goal for the team.

Freshman Skyler Clark moves the ball down the field in a 3-1 victory over Shenandoah.
Freshman Skyler Clark moves the ball down the field in a 3-1 victory over Shenandoah.

Starting the seconld half WC swapped goalies. Junior David Myers and sophomore Jon Wendeborn finished the game. The Shoremen also changed their goalies in the first game.

St. Mary’s played very aggressive defense on WC and it was hard for the offense to advance the ball into St. Mary’s territory. WC had several corner kick opportunities. Near the 20 minute mark in the second half they had three scoring opportunities in a row but couldn’t finish. In total, the Shoremen had 13 corner kicks and 15 shots.

“We needed to improve our defensive organization,” Stocksdale said. “We were disorganized at the back which resulted in two goals and it affected our ability to go forwards effectively.”

WC did not look bad in this game. They had opportunities to score but couldn’t finish.

“We had the ball for long stretches of time but failed to convert that possession into quality scoring chances,” Head Coach Roy Dunshee said. “It’s very early in the season and we are still figuring out some things about who we are as a team. But we know we must perform better if we are to have any success in the Centennial Conference.”

WC finished the week on a positive note with a win against Shenandoah University. With a 3-1 win, the team has built some momentum heading into their next game on Wednesday against Goucher.

The Shoremen scored one goal in the first half and two in the second.

The Shoremen’s offensive spark was led by sophomores Brian Wilkinson and Dimitri Kaliakin and senior Matt Wilfong. Washington led the game in shots with an impressive 29-7 advantage. The team looked a lot better than their previous match against St. Mary’s.

“Our strength in the Shenandoah win was patience in posession,” Stocksdale said. “We sustained longer periods of attack in the offensive third and had a number of good chances in front of the goal. The effort was much stronger from all the guys. As the season progresses our sharpness in front of goal should improve and lead to more wins.”

The big factor for their success was being able to score when they had opportunities. To end the week, the Shoremen improved their record to 2-1.

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