Acme Update

By Molly Igoe
Elm Staff Writer

The Acme Market in Chestertown is currently undergoing a renovation to expand the store and add new sections.  The construction started a few weeks ago and is expected to be finished around Thanksgiving. The project is part of the modernization of the whole Kent Plaza and is expected to be complete by Spring 2015.

The renovations are being carried out by Northwood Construction, based in Sterling, Va.  According to Cordish Companies, the parent company of Acme, the renovation’s purpose is a whole-store expansion of the Chestertown Acme, which will increase from 25,000 square feet to 41,500 square feet in size.

Although the Chestertown Acme’s managers were not available for comment, the Acme website has a video entitled “Improvements Underway at Acme Chestertown” which discloses the basic information about the renovations.  In the video, managers Jonathon Cruz and Frank Burris discuss the implementation of a larger bakery, adding a more diverse section for gluten-free and organic foods, expansion of the dairy, meat and frozen food sections, and a new salad bar.

Despite ongoing renovations, Acme still remains a popular choice for Washington College students.  Freshman Jimmy Holt went to Acme last week and did not notice any obvious signs of an ongoing renovation.  He said, “The renovations are mostly being done outside, and there was no noise or ruin, so it was barely noticeable.”

“I could definitely tell there was construction going on, but there was nothing blocking people from getting anywhere.  Some sections were cut off, and overall the store seemed smaller,” said freshman Joelle Williamson. “Overall, it wasn’t noisy and there were makeshift shelves where they had to take out sections, so everything was still very accessible,” she said.

Freshmen Sarah Hawkins and Sarah Wieder also noticed the store seemed a little chaotic due to the construction.  Hawkins said, “The aisles were cramped, which made it harder to move my cart and to get around everything.  There were also a lot of tarps hanging everywhere.”

Wieder said, “It was chaotic because some things were in different areas, and some areas were completely blocked off. We had to maneuver around a lot more.”

Sophomore Evan Hirschbaum said, “It doesn’t matter to me if there is construction going on, Acme is still one of the closest food stores around here that has a wide variety of food options.”

Regardless of the construction to expand the store, Acme is still the main place for students to buy groceries.  One of the main reasons it is so popular is for it’s close proximity which is convenient for many students without cars.

For more information go to the Acme website,, or check out the information in the Chestertown renovation video on the website, under “Chestertown Improvements Coming.”

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