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By Caitlyn Maltese
Elm Staff Writer

Going into her third year as a full-time employee at Washington College Lindsay Bergman, Class of 2007, has watched friends and classmates come and go. All the students she attended with have graduated. “Coming back five years later is coming back to a completely different world,” she said. “You are like one generation removed.”

However, it is apparent that Bergman couldn’t be happier. Things seem to be coming together for her; she has a great job and is getting married in May. Bergman fell in love with a man from Elizabethtown College, another small liberal arts college. Although, she takes every opportunity to point out how WC is better, Bergman refuses to let her husband-to-be’s affiliation affect their relationship. She accepts him anyway.

Bergman '07
Bergman ’07

“It’s great to be back on the Eastern Shore,” said Bergman. She still finds herself in awe with Chestertown’s beauty. As a student she lived in Middle Hall and every so often she can be seen standing in front of it snapping a quick picture.

Bergman is now working with College Relations and the Admissions Department. There she gets to combine her love for both graphic design and education. Bergman is a social media guru and uses that as a platform to help prospective students make the decision on where to go to college. “I think we have a really great team… I’m really happy to be a part of it,” she said.

Although she said that she probably would have accepted the job after she graduated in 2007, she is grateful the other opportunities she had before coming back. Bergman missed the rolling hills of her hometown and after she got her bachelor’s degree she moved back to Pennsylvania. There she studied Secondary Education at Saint Joseph’s University and received her master’s degree. Afterwards, she spent time substituting and student teaching ninth grade English and yearbook advising.

During her time as a yearbook adviser, Bergman’s passion for design was rekindled. When she was 14 Bergman designed her first website, a fan-page for the band Hanson. While at WC, she was involved with a variety of student publications. She was an editor of “The Collegian” and “The Washington College Review” and, during her senior year, was editor-in-chief of “The Medium.” “It’s my zen, doing things like that,” she said.

For Bergman, graphic design has become a therapeutic outlet. In 2011, she heard about a position at WC in which she could hone these skills. It was what she calls a “miraculous” occurrence.

Soon enough, Bergman found herself back on campus. “When I came back to interview here…I automatically felt like I was home,” she said. “The campus has that sort of draw for people. When you are on campus, you know that this is your home. I was coming back to interview and I felt that.”

Bergman gave up the beauty of her much beloved mountains and moved to Elkton, perfectly located between Pennsylvania and Chestertown. Now she works at WC as a digital strategist. She runs the college’s Facebook and Twitter and helps train faculty to design the website through a program called LiveWhale. “It’s really neat to interact with the faculty as a grown up now… It’s nice to be able to work with professors that I enjoyed working with as a student,” she said.

Finding somewhere to truly feel at home while doing work one enjoys is a rare opportunity, but one that Bergman has found here at WC.

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