Chic Choice: Jocelyn Faro ‘16

By Matt Ridge
Elm Staff Writer

On a rainy October day finding anyone who put more than five minutes of thought in to his or her outfit is a rarity. Most people don’t worry about looking their best when it is raining, their main priority is staying dry. There’s really no effort needed when thinking about your outfit since you’ll be putting on a pair of rain-boots and pulling on a jacket or grabbing an umbrella anyway. Thankfully, out of the sea of raincoats, sweatpants, and soaking wet shoes, I was able to find this week’s Chic Choice.

Jocelyn Faro, the multi-talented junior with a killer voice, is certainly no stranger to the spotlight. Performing at events both on and off campus, Faro’s musical abilities have taken her everywhere from the Goose Nest to NBC’s “The Voice”. It wasn’t just her pipes that caught my attention when browsing the crowds in the dining hall. It was her style.

Faro’s style is a combination of trendy and Indie with a hairstyle to match. When I sat down with her in Hodson, she was pretty surprised to learn that not only does the newspaper have a Chic Choice but that she had been fashionable enough to chosen for it.

What she’s wearing: Faro pairs a red floral dress with black leggings, a brown waist-belt, brown boots, and teal hoop earrings.

Where she got it: The dress and earrings came from Forever 21 and the boots from Ninewest. Though she could not remember exactly the leggings she decided were probably from Forever 21 as well.

Why she chose it: “I was tired of wearing jeans, honestly” Faro said. After explaining that she isn’t one to plan her outfits too far in advance, she said “I haven’t worn a dress yet this semester and I wanted to wear something that would make me feel nice in the rain.”

Style Inspiration: “I walk in to a store and think ‘What would John Mayer wear?’” Faro joked after being caught a bit off guard by the question. “I don’t look at fashion people” she said, “I just go with what my heart tells me.”

Can’t leave the dorm without: “Earrings,” Faro said after thinking about it. “My hair is too short; I look like a boy if I don’t wear them.”

Number one fashion tip: “I don’t give fashion advice very often, but I really like shoes. Shoes definitely make the outfit.” Faro said she has around 70 pairs of shoes total, but she couldn’t possibly bring them all to college. “I would wear them all, honestly, but I [would] never have a chance to wear them all” she said as she gave her reasoning for only bringing 10 pairs to school with her.

Favorite Fashion Era: “That’s a really good question. I like the stuff they used to wear when they would swing dance. So I guess the ‘20s.”

How would you describe your style: “My style? Is Indie a style? I guess I just made it one.”

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